Key Qualities to Look for in a Driving Instructor

How fast you learn how to drive has a lot to do with the quality of instructor that you hire. Those initial days or weeks form the basis of your driving experience and, if done right, you can expect a smooth ride, literally and metaphorically. 

Some may wonder why you need an instructor when you can just be taught by your elder family members. Fact is, knowing how to drive and knowing how to teach the same are 2 different things. The patience and proficiency needed to impart proper driving skills aren’t too common. 

You need consistency as well, which is hardly a guarantee when dealing with a family member. Your dad, husband, or older sibling might just decide that you’re not learning fast enough and abandon the mission. A licensed driving instructor is your best bet. Here we discuss the qualities to look out for. 


There will be plenty of back and forth between you and the instructor, from sitting in class for the theory lessons to sitting side by side in the car. If communication isn’t flowing, you’ll have a hard time getting along. 

Use your initial interaction to gauge how the instructor communicates. Can you two talk freely? Can you easily ask questions? Does the instructor take time to explain what you should expect during the training? The goal here is to end up with a trainer whom you can interact with freely on a personal level. 


Some people take more time to learn than others. You need an instructor who can tolerate and accommodate different learning speeds without getting frustrated. During your talk, you should be in a position to tell if you’re dealing with a patient person and not one who will yell at the slightest mistake. During the initial driving days, there will be many instances where you will be scared or nervous. An impatient instructor will only make things worse. 

It helps too if it is good-natured; it’s a never-that-serious attitude. They’ve seen it all before, anyway. A light touch here and there would not hurt either. This does not dilute the quality of instruction in any way but provides a light, tension-free atmosphere where you can easily learn. 


Go for an instructor who is well versed with the rules of the road so he can guide you along. You need to make sure that you not only end up with proficient driving skills but also adhere to the relevant legal requirements. 

Does a permit driver need insurance? This is one of the persistent questions among learners, and the instructor should be in a position to answer that among many others. 

Teaching plan

How long will the driving course take? How many lessons do you need before you’re ready for the test? How often should you have lessons? Different instructors have different teaching plans; you need to check if your schedules are different. Generally, you need to spend about 45 hours alongside your instructor on the road. 


Would you rather go to a driving school or hire an independent driving instructor? That part is up to you. Whichever way you go, make sure that you’re dealing with a fully licensed individual. The car used should be clean and free from mechanical issues. You don’t want to be that learner stranded by the roadside where the car has broken down. 

Remember the instructor is only giving you a starting point. Expert driving comes from experience. The basics you learn, however, have a lot to do with the kind of driver that you become, and for this, you must pick your instructor carefully. 




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