Is CS:GO Over? A New Era of CS2!

Counter-Strike is one of the most enduring games in the world. Version 1.6 was a legend in computer clubs, home multiplayer, and esports disciplines. Since 2012, the era of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive version began. Almost 11 years have passed, and online activity has not decreased much. Community activity did not reduce either. And so Valve officially presented Counter-Strike 2 at the end of September.

Any real release from Valve is a gigantic event in the industry, not to mention the Counter-Strike update, which will also affect csgo skins. But what will this game be like, and will it hurt CS:GO? We remember that at one time, Counter-Strike: Source had no impact on the popularity of 1.6. What will happen now?

Counter-Strike 2 develops the same ideas

The game did not follow the conventional Call of Duty model, where you must unlock characters. And it didn’t completely remake iconic maps for gamers. Essentially, Counter-Strike 2 is the same game you know and remember, but with new technologies.

Timings will become much smarter

This is no longer an external feature but something extremely important from the mechanical filling of Counter-Strike 2. The game has always been more of an eSport, and therefore, optimization and speed are much more important in it than anything else. Actually, many people did not accept Counter-Strike: Source because old habits prevented professionals from landing headshots as effectively as in 1.6.

Lower settings won’t help anymore

Do you know how an esports player differs from a gaming fan? They don’t care about graphics. Professionals from the world of shooters go into the settings and turn off everything, from texture quality to all kinds of filters. So when something crawls under a bush and thinks it’s hiding, the pro sees it perfectly well because, for them, it’s not a bush but a very conventional visible texture. These are the rules of the game. Even if changing settings increases your efficiency by a couple of percent, by pro-gaming standards, this is a lot.

But not in Counter-Strike 2. One of the features presented by the developers concerns such a trivial thing as smoke. Now, it is an equally difficult visual obstacle for everyone: you can’t play with textures and your position so that you can easily see opponents through the curtain. It’s not that smoke blowers gave any advantage to pro gamers before, but they simply didn’t play a special role since most people played at minimum settings.

CS:GO players will be transferred to CS2

The issue is generally resolved, but there are some nuances. Yes, Counter-Strike 2 is being released not as a separate game but as a free update to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. A big emphasis is placed on the fact that CS:GO players will retain all their inventory when switching. That is, Valve wants CS2 to replace the previous version quickly, and gamers have no anchors left to keep them in Global Offensive.

But the very fact that Valve is releasing Counter-Strike 2 as an update indicates that the CS:GO era is gradually ending. It will be very interesting to see whether it works or not.

What about skins?

Nothing will happen to them. They will automatically carry over to the new version, so gamers and traders can rest easy. Those who want to make money on skins will do so. And those who plan to do this can start collecting information before the skins rise in price to the limit. How can you understand the market? Through:

  • price analysis using proven platforms;
  • following streams of popular gamers;
  • checking social networks of traders.

Only there can you understand what is popular and what is not. Moreover, the release of a new version of the shooter may change the understanding of what is popular because CS2 may have its own “heroes,” and it is those that can bring profit to users. It is important to know when to do this and which skin to buy first and then sell.

Therefore, you should not miss the opportunity to earn real money on CS2 skins while the market has not yet become frenetic at the time of the release of a new version of the world-famous shooter.




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