Introducing the Canon T6i

If you’re looking to buy a DSLR camera, it can be really hard to even know where to start. With so many models out there and multiple great brands, the options are endless and so it an be difficult to start narrowing down the options. Buying a camera isn’t the easiest thing, especially because everyone has different needs, wants and expectations. What might be the perfect camera for one, may not be ideal for someone else. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t great and affordable DSLRs that work for many people.

One of these cameras is the Canon T6i, and if you’re looking for a solid DSLR, or even your first, than this may be the perfect options for you.

The biggest downside of DSLR cameras, and why many people tend to avoid them, is the price tag, but luckily with the Canon T6i, it’s still a completely affordable camera with some great features. Through Canon, the camera body plus the EF-S 18-55mm IS STM lens is $699. However, you also have the option to buy a different kit lens, the 75-300mm lens, or both, at higher prices.

It’s worth nothing, if you purchase the camera from Amazon, you can get camera bundles for a fraction of the cost higher, but with many extra bits and bobs, it just depends what you’re looking for.

So what makes the Canon T6i so great? Well for starters, the quality of the images is superb. With 24 megapixels and an excellent color system, all of your colors in your images will pop with absolutely no editing. The camera also comes with 19 cross-type AF points, which is excellent news and much higher than some of the other DSLRs on the market.

For those who like to shoot in low light settings, this is a great camera because of it’s high ISO abilities, all the way up to 12800, with the ability to expand to H:25600. The good news is this camera can shoot photos with little noise up to 6400.

The shutter speed also ranges from 30 seconds to 1/4000 second. Other notable features are the 19mm viewfinder and complete 360 LCD screen. The ability to swivel the screen to any direction is a huge benefit for people who like to get low or hold the camera above their head for different perspectives.

However, what really makes the Canon T6i stand apart from some of the other DSLRs in its similar price point is its WiFi capabilities. You can transfer your photos across to a mobile device via WiFi and you can also sync it with an app and use it as a remote shutter and even view through the app what the camera sees.

These extra features really take the T6i to the next level so with features like this and the price what it is, it’s truly a steal.

DSLRs can be hard to buy because it’s a big commitment to make, but doing your research and deciding what features are important to you are critical to making the right decision.



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