Important Home Repairs to Make Before Selling a House

Why fix up a house if you’re just going to sell it anyway? That’s a question many people ask. And the answer is that you want your home to be in the best possible shape before you put it on the market. If not, buyers will want to buy your house based on its perceived defects. Trying to sell off a house before fixing up its defects or shortcomings will have you selling it for a lot beneath its market value.

Before making any home repairs, it’s essential to have a home warranty. A warranty service provides coverage for any repairs and replacements done in a house, a way of ensuring that the homeowner doesn’t pay out of pocket for these repairs. An example of home warranties includes Cinch Home Services ( It’s also essential to consult a real estate agent and have them walk through your house to point out the other areas that may need fixing.

Here are the essential home repairs to make before selling.

1. Fix all Plumbing Issues

It would be worth your while to take a quick tour of the house and take note of all plumbing issues, such as water leaks. Water leaks will ultimately affect the structural integrity of your home because sustained water leaks often lead to mold and dry rot. To fix your plumbing issues, you may need to hire a plumber to find the water leak’s source and examine the water damage’s extent. If the plumbing issue is not serious and the water damage is not extensive, then you may want to fix it yourself. Examples of easy-to-fix plumbing problems include replacing leaky faucets or changing a toilet seat.

2. Fix the Walls

Painting is a massive part of making your walls look great. The good news is that painting is one part of home improvement that costs next to nothing, especially if you could do it yourself. You only need to paint the exterior and the rooms with old and chipped paint. You could watch some DIY videos online and pick up some tips and tricks to help you pick colors and paint neatly.

An important tip is to choose light and neutral colors and avoid bolder colors as they do not appeal to everyone. The point is to make potential buyers feel at home when they enter your house for a viewing. If you have old wallpaper on the wall, you may also want to rip it off and repaint the walls before selling. Wallpapers make a house look older than they are and may cause the house to sell for lower than its worth. The home will look more appealing when you remove the wallpaper and put a fresh coat of paint on the walls.

3. Fix the Old Electrical Issues and Light Fixtures

Fixing up old electrical fixtures is one of the most common ways to modernize your home. Electrical wirings should always be up to date because old and faulty wirings could cause fires. Common home electricity issues include frayed wires, faulty light switches, outdated circuit breakers, or even having to rewire the entire house.

Lighting is another easy way to make the home look nicer and ready for the market. It’s a cheap way to open the house and make it more inviting. Lighting can give an illusion of space, making a house look bigger than it really is. Ensure you choose a lighting option that’s superior and more up-to-date than what you currently have in your home.  Also, take advantage of the natural lighting that enters the house. Get rid of dark-colored blinds and drapes, and choose curtains with lighter curtains to make your space look bigger.

4. Fix Issues with Heating, Ventilation, and Air conditioning (HVAC)

Ensure that your home’s HVAC system is in great shape before selling. This may entail getting an HVAC team to come and inspect your home and clean out air ducts. You may also need to pay for some repairs on the system if the team finds any faults. In some cases, if the home’s HVAC system is outdated, you may consider a total replacement of the entire system.

5. Refinish your Hardwood Floors

Many potential buyers pay particular attention to hardwood floors, so if your house has one, you may want to put a new finish on the floors to give it a more stunning look. Having perfect hardwood floors in a home is one sure way to drive up the cost of the house.



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