How To Use Gaming As Part Of Your Workout Routine

Even though gaming has many benefits, like improved strategic and visual-motor skills, it doesn’t help with your general physique. Perhaps besides your fingers, that is. It can be challenging to break away from an exciting game regardless of whether you love or hate exercising, and if you really hate it, it’s much more tempting to have your game character do all the running for you. But if you want to become more active, we got some tips to help you get your workout done while doing what you love: gaming.

Make any game into an exercise

Yes, making nearly any game into a workout is possible, but it requires some discipline and rules beforehand. For example, you can decide to take pushups every time you get arrested in Grand Theft Auto or sit-ups when killed. For every match you play in FIFA, you need to run laps around your apartment or knee lifts for every completed mission in Assassin’s Creed.

You can even do training exercises while playing online casino games. For example, every time you lose or win $5, you need to do a set of jumping jacks. Or for every ten minutes you play, you need to do some exercise as well. If you want to try it out, you can find a list of top online casinos on

The clue is to set up exercise rules suitable to the game you’re playing and have a good ratio between workout and playtime. Set yourself goals beforehand to ensure you reach your objectives. It’s also a good idea to decide beforehand when you’re done with the workouts and can go back to just playing.

Ring Fit Adventure

If self-discipline isn’t your strongest suit, it might be ideal to invest in a game where all you do is excise — all while killing monsters and gaining experience. One such game is Nintendo’s Ring Fit Adventure.

You put one controller in the leg strap on your upper thigh while the second is placed in the ring-con and controls the entire game. The ring-con is a sturdy ring that’s more durable than it looks, allowing you to really train your arm muscles by pushing it in and out.

The game consists of a 250 levels adventure. You run around by running still while jumping and crushing crates using the ring-con until you meet a monster or five you need to take down before continuing. Here you select between a set of exercises, like yoga or those specialized for your arms, legs or abs. As you progress in the levels, you get new challenging exercises that do more damage. You can even play outside the adventure by setting up a workout routine with your favorite activities and mini-games.

Just Dance

Just Dance is a game series available on most platforms, with the latest edition, Just Dance 2022, released in November of 2021 with a set of 40 new hits. The more accurate you follow the movements on the screen, the more points you get, and going for a new high score should always be the goal.

The dances might be a bit challenging at first, especially the fast-paced ones. But the more you play and get used to the moves, the better you become. Not only can you improve your moves on the dance floor, but you really break a sweat while doing it. Your cardio is really put to the test after a few songs, but you always face yourself wanting just one more dance.



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