How To Tell When Someone Is In “The Mood”

A hottie is working down the aisle, and you suddenly feel like kissing him, or you are feeling a tingling sensation in places you don’t usually feel them; watch it; you just might be horny. However, it should be noted that sexually and newly minted urges could be somewhat overwhelming at first, so you need to learn how to get the hang of the situation anytime it happens.

So, in a nutshell, what does it mean to be horny? It simply means being sexually excited, either from seeing someone you are sexually attracted to or thinking of self-gratification. Irrespective of which it is, once you are feeling sexually unease, it means just one thing, you are probably horny! Depending on your sexuality, there are several means of knowing when the other person is horny and also several ways of keeping your horny face hidden –if you have one. If you are the type that enjoys naughty chats, you will probably feel more horny than usual. However, this only means you are sexually fine. If you engage in naughty conversations or anything erotic, and you don’t feel horny, you might want to be a little concerned and be sure to see a doctor as soon as possible.

Nonetheless, for the sake of this content, you’d get to understand some various means of knowing when the other person is horny. If you are two in a room of opposite sex or two sexually attracted individuals in one room all alone, it’s natural for the sexual tension in the room to go off the books. However, how are you sure that the next person is horny and not just assuming based on the sexual tension or attraction between you two?

Here are some of the top three means of knowing when someone is horny

They become tensed and restless:

This is one of the first signs to watch out for if you are contemplating whether they are horny or not. In a room with increased sexual tension, it’s impossible for one or both partners not to feel uneasy. They look tensed, talk tensed, and behave tensed. To further buttress your assumptions, they will always avoid eye contact. That’s one of the means of knowing if someone is horny. Their words slowly become disjointed such that they aren’t as articulated as their normal self. Most times, you could even lose your sleep trying hard not to think about the other person, and irrespective of how much you try, you find out you are sexually frustrated. In a room where there’s a high sexual tension, or one partner is horny, it’s always awfully quiet even when both of them are talking.

The nipples become hard:

No, it’s not cold, and you know it! One of those means of knowing if a lady is horny is her nipple becomes hard and erect. It’s such that you could see the nipples pointed without her bra. So, unlike others that think there are no physical changes when a lady is horny, that’s entirely not true. One of those means of knowing is via her nipple. If the nipples are hard and erect, it’s probably because she’s horny. If you are having naughty chats with your partner, and you are wondering if she’s horny or not, one of the first things you should do is have a mental picture of how her nipples were before the chats and how they were during and after the chat and compare the differences. If there are visible differences in size and shape, she’s probably horny without further doubts.

The penis becomes erect:

One of those conformational means that can’t be hidden when a man is horny is that the penis becomes hard. Hard on are one of the main confirmations that a man is horny. Irrespective of how hard he might want to keep it hidden, the penis stays hard until he passes the horny phase via masturbation or sex. However, some men have mastered the art of sitting hard-on out. So, they need not masturbate or have sex, they just give it time, and in less than 5 minutes, the erection is gone. However, the turgidity of the penis is one way to confirm if a man is horny.

It is worth noting that sexual tension between two individuals could mean differently and, most times, might not result in any of the parties involved being horny at the time. So, be sure you get your facts about the other person being horny right before making advancements. Else, it might become an embarrassment if you misinterpret the atmosphere.




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