How To Overcome Body-Shaming? Top 3 Useful Advice

Body-shaming, just like any other type of abuse, is verbal violence where abusers criticize and even disfigure the body of the victim as one of their tactics of control. Over time, the survivor of this tactic can be ashamed and even feel unattractive because of their body. Unfortunately, victims of this kind of abuse are usually dealing with lowered self-esteem and can be pushed to make some radical moves such as self-starving, overeating, or even suicide. Every person, at some point, deals with body shaming, and here are a couple of pieces of advice on how to deal with it and overcome it. 

Use the Affirmations Instead of Negative Self-View 

At moments, it will occur to you that you can hear the little voice inside your head saying that you are too thin or too fat, too tall or too short, big-small breasted, and all the other things that can make you believe that you are indeed the way the abuser calls you. This does not mean you are insane; it means you have the echo of the abuser’s voice imprinted into your brain and it has remained in your mind as a bad memory. You should replace negative messages with words of affirmation, and you need to focus on yourself only. Instead of looking at the mirror and trying to spot all of the flaws and seeing the first thing they used to body shame you about, you should say “I have strong arms, beautiful eyes, a tummy that gave new life, and all of the scars to prove it”. You need to accept your body as normal, as they indeed ARE normal. 

You Are Much More Than Just Your Body 

It is totally fine to be dissatisfied with parts of your body and wanting to improve them. But you must see past your physical body, as it is not the form that defines you. You have great personal values as a human being apart from your physical body. You need to remember that all of your emotions, character traits, actions, and deeds are responsible for making you the way you are. Just as Christina Hendricks suggests, you need to be completely comfortable with your body. And it starts with fully embracing your unique and beautiful self.

Move in the Ways You Like 

Being totally passive can be very bad for us, both mentally and physically. You should find out activities that can help you feel much improved and comfortable with your body. The main aim of these steps is to enable you to grow more mentally and grow confident with your body. If money bothers you, please remember, tons of activities do not even cost a penny. Walking, dancing, stretching, home yoga, and pilates are all free but will make you feel amazing.

Body shaming has become quite an issue nowadays, and it is notable that a great number of people are dealing with its consequences. The majority of them are having trouble with body dysmorphia as they are never satisfied with their bodies and are overwhelmed with the need to change them without any strong reason. Maybe you should dig deeper and find the cause of this feeling, as it may help you rediscover yourself and love yourself again. 



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