How to Navigate Medically While Traveling

One of the biggest nightmares someone can have is having a medical emergency while on vacation. Navigating the medical side of things is not as easy as watching sports news and needs you to be fully aware of what to do and how to go about things. 

Come with us as we share some of the do’s and don’ts while you’re on vacation.

Take the Medication You’re Used To

As people, we know our bodies and how they react to certain things and this is why it’s important to pack the medication that your body is used to. 

This also means that if you know that you have a certain condition that is being treated with medication please ensure that you take that medication. For this part, you may want to take extra medication to sustain you for a few days just in case there are any delays or you decide to stay longer. 

Always ensure that the medication you are bringing can last you for the number of days you will be staying there. Ensure that you carry refills and that this medication is kept safe. You may want to have your medication with you in your bag so that in case your luggage gets lost you still have your medication. 

Medical Aid Check

When traveling outside your country you may want to check and see if your medical aid covers you in different regions. Depending on the cover you choose you may find that you are not covered however you may want to check such information with your medical aid. 

You should also check if you can make over-the-counter purchases using your medical aid. Some medical aids may only provide hospital cover which may hinder you during any medical emergency. 

It’s also important to check the number of days that your medical aid will cover you. Some medical aids may only cover you for a certain period from your departure date. 

This means that if you are staying within a certain country or place for longer you may not be covered and any medical emergencies will have to be covered by you.

Some countries have public hospitals which may also assist you in your time of need however many of these hospitals may not have what you require. It’s always best to keep this in mind when traveling and in need of medical care. 

Research the Country You Are Going To

Being prepared is very important which is why it’s important to do some research on the country you intend to visit. Check out their medical facilities and if their medical services are up to your expectations. 

During this process, you may want to check on any good hospitals or doctors that are within the radius of your intended destination. If you have or are dealing with a serious illness you may want this type of information from your doctor. This is to ensure that you are in safe hands when traveling. 

You may need to do this in advance as there may be a language barrier between you and the locals of that area. It’s important to have a plan of action in case you are in a desperate situation. You may also want to have the doctor or hospital’s number to make sure that you can call easily and quickly. 

You may also want to research the different medications that are allowed within that country. Certain countries may not allow certain medications due to strict laws and regulations. 

You may want to ask your doctor about alternative medication that you can find in the area. Another good place to start is to go straight to the internet. You can find different alternatives and also look into where you can purchase this medication. 

Bottom Line

Navigating a medical emergency is hard however it is manageable. With the right research and information, you may find yourself in a better position with a better understanding of how to deal with things. 

Always ask your doctor for information or do the necessary research to ensure that you and those you travel with are safe.



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