How To Keep Tabs on Your Elderly Parents

If your parents are getting older but are still living on their own, you might worry about their well-being when you can’t be with them. Luckily, there are several ways you can keep tabs on them, even from a distance. Here are some tools you can use to help monitor their safety.


Asking your parents to regularly check-in by phone can help reassure you that they’re doing okay. Because traditional home phone lines can get quite pricy, consider setting them up with a senior home phone service from an internet provider. These services are often very affordable and come with features like unlimited calling and smart device integration. Some even include functions that can make it easier for your parents to access emergency services should the need arise. With enhanced internet phone tools, if someone in the home dials 911 but is unable to communicate clearly, an emergency dispatcher will automatically receive the address registered to the phone and can send help quickly.

Camera System

Home surveillance systems can be used for much more than deterring burglars. With your parents’ consent, you can install cameras in strategic spots around their home so you can keep an eye on them from anywhere in the world. Areas that are more prone to accidents like stairways, entry doors, and kitchens are key spots for mounting cameras to maximize their effectiveness.

Because many popular monitoring systems are accessible remotely, you can easily pop in for live views while using your own mobile device. Some cameras are motion-triggered, so you’ll be alerted if there is movement in any of the more dangerous areas in which you’ve placed them. As an added perk, many even feature two-way audio so you can talk to your mom or dad if you spot something concerning. Try some additional research into medical alert systems here:

Medicine Dispenser

If you worry about your parents forgetting to take their medications, there are devices available that will alert them whenever a dose is due. These gadgets can also dispense the right pills at the right time, so your mom or dad won’t mix up their medicines. Some even allow you to view their dispensing records by using an app, so you can see for yourself that your parents are taking their medications as scheduled.

If your elderly parents still live on their own, consider one or more of these options to look after them from afar. Any or all of them can help protect them and give you peace of mind.




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