How To Improve Your Apartment’s Aesthetic

Lack of aestheticism is a crime

In the day and age of modern household items and gadgets being at an arm’s length, there’s almost no excuse to not pimp out your apartment to serve looks that only fancy furniture could serve. Even if you’re on a budget and short on money, that won’t be a problem. Good quality amenities are everywhere if you know what you’re looking for.

Wall art

When you enter a new apartment, you’ll probably be greeted by a plain white or cream wall, with perhaps a notice board. It’s time to fill your walls with personality and get some frames, posters, or even some canvas prints over at to spice up your now aesthetically pleasing locale.

Getting some art across your walls is great because it provides not only perhaps a frame in itself, but also provides an excellent framework in which you can plan the rest of your room around. Top tip: pick three primary colors that are featured in a piece of art of your choice, and use those colors for furniture and ornaments around the room. Look into some abstract art if you can’t think of anything specific to hang up and display; as it looks stylish and modern, along with plenty of poppy colors to pick a theme from. Generally, pick one dark color (i.e. grey or black) and two light colors as accents. Like a dark couch with bright cushions, but start with the four walls that encase the room before you work on the contents.

The middle of the room

You’ll need a centerpiece or two to get things in order. Each room has a primary function, and the living room, entrance, or whatever any guests will step into first is where you want to have the entertainment setup. Although a TV – whether it be wall mounted or on a stand – generally slots into the wall art section of sorts, so you’re gonna want a little more in the looks department.

First off, get a rug. They’re inexpensive, stylish, they frame the floor of the room instead of one huge dull carpet flooring, and most importantly they keep your toes all snug. On top of that – literally – a good ol’ fashioned coffee table will do nicely, alongside a cozy couch. The size of which will depend on the space you have available in your living room and how much company you may be regularly expecting. Although we’re focused on the looks here, so pick colors first, and functionality later. A couch is a couch, so if you need more comfort, just add cushions, which in turn adds aestheticism so everybody wins.

Clean up

Nothing is uglier than a messy apartment. Probably. We live in a society where bins are not ugly though, so feel free to pick one out that matches the rest of your apartment and it’ll blend right in, and serve as a lovely home for the banana peels that would otherwise be laying around your apartment as an accident waiting to happen.

Besides any trash you may encounter, or even some dirty plates that someone may have forgotten to wash up, it’s important to reduce the amount of clutter you may have. For example, many people have a lot of cool ornaments laying about the place, and perhaps too many on one shelf or window sill. You’ll want to spread these out, especially so each participation trophy you own has a chance to shine on its own.

Another way to go about organizing clutter is to, believe it or not, get some desk organizers. They’re great for keeping utensils such as pens all together, and may actually create more space on a desk or table that you otherwise may not have had. Perhaps a corner cabinet now will have an extra shelf or section due to an organizer which will condense your collector’s items into a stylish exhibit as opposed to the dump it may have been long ago.

Additional rooms

The rest of your rooms in an apartment are likely to be less important and probably sizeably smaller in comparison to the living room; and can afford to have a little more clutter than the living space would usually allow. However if you’re looking to carry over the aestheticism throughout, just pick a theme for each room – even perhaps the same theme as the others – and stick to the color compatibility and you’ll do just fine.



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