How To Have The Perfect Romantic Dinner Date At Home

Dating is exciting, but finding an interesting activity can be difficult. Inviting your date into your home for dinner might sound like a bad move to some, but it can be a great way of getting to know the date properly.

Public meetings can be a little tough to truly judge someone’s personality. One evening in private will probably give both parties a clear indication of whether there is a chance for romance. You should take this step if you feel comfortable, but getting it right can help push the relationship forward far quicker than a normal date.

From your point of view, it’s easier to control aspects to ensure a smooth date too. Here’s how to create the perfect atmosphere and give yourself a great chance to take things further.

Present Yourself

Just because you aren’t leaving home, that doesn’t give you license to slack with your presentation. When dressing up for a normal date, it’s for her benefit. Don’t forget it.

Looking good will increase your confidence. It also reaffirms the fact this is a date and not just two people meeting for a chat. These steps should help you prepare properly, leaving you with the best chance of creating a great first impression.

Ultimately, this is still a date. Treat it like one.

Prepare The Home

The added pressure of having a date at home is that you need to make the property look nice. In an ideal world, you’ll already be an organized and tidy person. If not, you best buck up your ideas Sonny Jim.

Give your home a thorough clean, and be sure to put any underwear in the wash. No date wants to see them sprawled across the living room floor.

Additionally, you should give extra care to the dining area. Dress the table with a nice cloth and candles. It will set the mood for romance while also underlining the efforts you’ve made to please your date. Trust us; this will go in your favor.

The Food

Your date won’t expect a Michelin chef, but the meal is a great opportunity to show off your potential ‘boyfriend quality.’ After all, every girl loves a man that cooks.

Quality should be the priority. You don’t have to make it an over complicated meal. It’s much better to go for a safer but tasty option. Rib eye steak, homemade chips, and salad is usually great option. Before starting, do check that your date isn’t a vegetarian.

As far as dessert goes, you can’t go far wrong with chocolate.

Making Her Comfortable

If this is one of your early dates, entering your home is a big step for the woman. Appreciate the trust by making her feel comfortable at all times.

Creating an inviting atmosphere isn’t difficult; you need to treat her as you would on any date. You’ve already got her back to yours, so you’ll probably suggest ‘watching a film.’ There’s nothing wrong with this, but do respect her decision. And don’t pressure her into staying any longer than she wants.

Who knows, if it goes really well, she may even want to stay the night!




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