How to Get Started with Adult VR

Virtual reality can feel quite imposing to someone without tech experience. Strapping on a headset and planting two tiny screens in front of your eyes isn’t the most natural way to experience something new. Reconsider a reluctance to engage with VR, and you can begin exploring a wide range of human experiences safely, comfortably, and easily. And, although it may seem too artificial to be truly enjoyable at a glance, one such human experience is sex.

Take the Plunge

As with any new venture, there’s a buy-in with virtual reality. Purchasing your first VR device doesn’t need to be expensive or intimidating. With many excellent VR devices on the market but only a few being modestly priced, choosing what device to buy is simple. Meta Quest 2’s price increased recently but remains accessible at under $400. Gamers may want to stick with a familiar product family and buy a Playstation VR. Still, Meta Quest 2 is not only fairly affordable but the most commonly used dedicated VR device. This makes getting to know the device and exploring its features a cinch. Once you’ve made your first foray into VR, you might wonder how VR can deliver a sexual experience. After all, sex is a primary, elemental need for most humans and, when it’s good, can be a sublime experience. How can VR sex hope to measure up against the real thing?

Adults Only

Exploring sex in VR can be done in many ways, but the most direct and likely most rewarding is to head to a top-ranked outlet for VR porn and see what catches your eye. Whether an attractive performer, a particular sex act, or a distinct visual style, something usually jumps out and appears attractive. Failing that, there’s a huge range of niche interests, kinks, and categories to browse. VR porn comes in many professional and amateur styles, covering all kinds of acts, from the soft and seductive to the wildly adventurous. If you fancy something in the real world, it’s bound to be available in the virtual.

Branching out and exploring new ideas, concepts, and experiences is what VR is all about. It is exciting and sensible to expand your sexual horizons via VR. Being a solo experience doesn’t mean you’re left completely alone. A VR performer is usually a real human being, and, as such, you’ll feel some emotional and social response to being paired with them in VR. VR is already used to help people recover from trauma or overcome fears. So, if something sexual has always intrigued you but has remained inaccessible for whatever reason – fear of judgment, lack of availability, physical impossibility – there’s a strong chance VR can help you explore that at your own speed and level of comfort.

Fantastic Friends

Of course, VR sex isn’t all about porn productions featuring real people. VR games not only exist for adults but are one of the most effective uses of technology to explore sexuality in all its wonder. Adult VR games run the gamut from comic-styled narratives to feature-rich sci-fi simulators to motion-captured 3D animation of popular real-life adult performers. Offering more interactivity than the already immersive nature of VR sex experiences, adult VR games can be endlessly engaging and point to the endless ways VR can be used to explore very human experiences.




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