How to Build up Strength After Surgery

Having any kind of surgery can take its toll on your body, and for those who have had surgery that impacts mobility or requires lots of bed rest, you may find that it is difficult to maintain muscle and strength when you are not able to move your body like you are used to for a little while.

That being said, you do not have to sit there and wither away while you are waiting to resume normal function. There are a couple of things you can do to help you build up strength in the meantime.

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Pay Attention to What Your Docs Say

It can be very easy to want to get up and start doing things straight away, only to become disappointed and frustrated when you are not able to. There is a reason why you should follow medical guidance, and that is because usually your practitioner knows best.

Not only is it important for you to follow orders to ensure you don’t do any extra damage to yourself, but also because doing something before your body is ready can result in setbacks and longer recovery times.

Take it Slow

If someone has never run before, they shouldn’t get off of the sofa and try and complete 10 miles. Small increments are not only sustainable, but they will also help your body adjust and allow you to take notice of any warning signs if something isn’t right. Make sure to take movement one step at a time (quite literally), and focus on gentle, low-impact exercises that can help you improve your range of motion.

Physical Therapy

When you start working on your mobility again after surgery, it is a good idea for this to be under the instruction of a physical therapist. There, you will be in the best hands and will have an understanding of your surgery, limitations, and realistic goals.

Having a professional physical therapist can also help you to be less likely to injure yourself or push yourself too hard, which could be detrimental to your progress.

Take a look at physical therapy in Holland MI to find the right therapist for you, and start your journey to recovery in trustworthy hands!

Don’t Forget to Rest

Resting is an essential part of any recovery that should never be missed. Not only can it halt your recovery, but it can also make things worse and even potentially cause different issues. It is always okay to rest when you need to, and listening to your body is essential for both mental and physical health. Don’t take on too much after surgery, and rely on others for help in doing household chores or errands to ensure your recovery time isn’t extended.

Make sure to get as much sleep as possible, too, as this is when your body does its recovery and repair processes!

Going back to baseline after surgery can take time and energy, so don’t push yourself where it isn’t necessary, and remember to be consistent – soon you will be back to your original self!



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