How Smart Home Devices Make Life Easier

Smart homes, once the foray of the paperback science fiction novel, are now a reality. Innovative, high tech home automation has invaded nearly every socioeconomic bracket in the U.S. It’s not the domain of the pulp novel anymore, nor is high tech home automation only available to the moneyed classes. In fact, smart home devices have made life easier for everyone. Below are five reasons why you should make the switch to high tech home automation and how these devices will make your life easier.

1. High tech home automation saves money.

While some may balk at the upfront cost, smart home devices can save you buckets of money in the long run. If you live in a climate that experiences extreme temperature swings, smart home devices can reduce your energy consumption, lowering your bills, and enabling you to keep more of your money.

You can pre-program a smart thermostat to lower the temp whenever the house is empty. If you work outside of the home for long periods of time, this can save you a ton of money in fuel costs. Smart thermostats can be remotely controlled through a convenient app.

Lights are also the purview of high tech home automation devices. You can remotely control your lights to turn on or off, or dim lights at pre-programmed times. You’ll save money on energy bills with smart home lights and fixtures.

2. Convenient Grocery Shopping

Smart home devices can monitor your food stores. Ever been out shopping and forgot you were out of an essential ingredient? It happens to everyone. But, high tech home automation can make grocery shopping mishaps a thing of the past. Smart home devices can tell you when you’re out of milk and can even create shopping lists for you, freeing up precious time and headspace.

3. Safety

High tech home automation devices are leading the way in securing our homes and property. Criminals are opportunistic. Did you know that if your home is unsecured, you are 2.7 times more likely to be the victim of a robbery? FBI statistics indicate that roughly 60% of burglaries involve forcible entry. That’s terrifying to think about. But, with smart home technology, you have a plethora of affordable security options to arm your home and surrounding property.

It’s never a good idea to open the door when you don’t know who is on the other side. Thieves and violent criminals can easily force their way in. Smart home devices such as doorbell cameras can stream live to your smartphone, tablet, or PC, so you know exactly who is knocking.

4. Convenience

Smart locks add an extra layer of security and convenience, too. You can remotely lock and unlock doors for house guests or service personnel.

Instead of:

*spending precious time and gas money driving just to open a door

* or giving away a key which is a potentially dangerous thing to do

you can unlock and lock your doors from anywhere in the world and at any time, all from the safety and convenience of your smartphone.

Also, you can outfit your garage doors with smart home devices. Lock, open and close your garage door from the convenience of a smartphone app, anywhere, anytime.

Can’t get moving without a cup of coffee? Add kitchen appliances to part of your high tech home automation arsenal. You can pre-program a coffee maker to start your morning joe as soon as your alarm goes off.

5. A Cleaner House

They say cleanliness is godliness, and to our robot underlings, humans are god. Get a cleaner house with a high tech, automated vacuuming robot that you put to work whenever you want the floors guest-ready. And the robot can text! You can name the robot vacuum, and he (or she) can send SMS updates to your phone.

Bottom line? High tech home automation gets your house clean, saves your money, and your precious time. Never worry again about the grocery list or who is knocking at your door at 3 am with convenient, affordable smart home devices that keep you safe.




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