How Runway Waiters Is Taking Event Planning and Management to the Next Level

The demand for professionally planned events and meetings has continued to rise as everyone wants a unique and great live experience for all attendees. This has seen the event planning industry undergo changes in the last few years, with new trends coming up. For instance, unlike some time back, people have a keener eye for details and want organizers who will deliver an excellent experience. But the changes in the event planning industry are not yet over, especially with companies like Runway Waiters.

Runway Waiters is an event staffing company that works exclusively with top model agencies. They offer a wide range of services, such as catering staff, bartender staffing, and even event planning, with their unique approach allowing them to take event planning and management to the next level.

Runway Waiters is one of the first event staffing companies that work hand in hand with top modeling agencies. It brings the modeling and the event planning industry together as it changes how people view these two fields.

According to the CEO of Runway Waiters, their goal is to build a better event planning industry as they help models. Runway Waiters are working to make every experience memorable for both organizers and attendees as they take event planning to the next level.

Runway Waiters works in collaboration with some of the top modeling agencies in the US, like Ford, Wilhelmina, NEXT, Storm, and Vision. Their network and diversity help them hire skilled and well-talented men and women who are also trained models.

Instead of ‘normal’ event planning, Runway Waiters brings a new angle to event planning and organization. Runway Waiters bring their effortless poise and engaging personality from the runway to the different events, creating a unique and memorable experience for guests.

Runway Waiters is also redefining the modeling field and giving young models a platform to showcase their talents and skills, especially during breaks. Establishing your spot as a model is not easy. It requires talent, skills, and sometimes connections, and for models who are getting started, there are a lot of breaks in between as you do not have many clients yet. Runway Waiters gives models an avenue to continue monetizing their skills even during these breaks and build their connections with the outside world.

Runway Waiters is currently available in New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago, Texas, and Hawaii. According to the CEO, they are working on expanding their services to other states in the US. They are also looking to get more involved with the production side of the events business, bringing in more services that will help the team curate great and memorable events/meetings. As the event planning industry continues to change and the demand for above-average expectations is high, Runway Waiters is leading these changes from the front. They are bringing together the modeling and event planning industries and using these two fields to take event planning to the next level.



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