How Much Does Dryer Repair Cost?

If your dryer suddenly stops spinning or isn’t drying, you’ll be in trouble if you can’t fix it yourself and didn’t even call a technician. The first thing that may come into your mind is how much does a dryer repair cost?

Knowing the answer to this question can give you an idea if you are overpaying or losing money. Before calling a technician to troubleshoot your dryer, make sure that you have a rough estimate of the cost.

In general, the cost of repairing your dryer varies greatly on the type of repair. The more parts replaced, the higher the fee.

How much is the repair of dryers?

A regular dryer cleaning can cost between $100 and $150. Professional technicians are going to inspect it first before they begin the work. You need to hire a certified dryer exhaust technician for this.

Repair including the fees, labor and parts can cost about $300 to $420 . You still have to pay for the service fee that can add about $80 on top of the cost.

If your dryer needs parts replacement, expect to pay more. Some parts of dryers can be pricey like $200 to $300.

Different service providers offer different repair fees. They may provide various packages or promos like paying only $150 for repair including a free inspection.

You need to be aware of what you’re paying for. If you’re not careful, you may be charged with surprise service fees that are beyond the cost.

Basically, repairing a dryer is less expensive than buying a new one. But of course there are some exemptions. Take a look at typical parts of a dryer and their cost:

Door latch $5
Fuse, Dryer belt $10
Heating element $35 to $100
New drum bearings, Thermostat replacement $50
Gas ignition coils $100
Unclogging dryer vent $100 to $150

Cost of Repair per Brand

Since most people consider buying a washing machine and a dryer at the same time, one thing you can also consider is the repair for both machines.

LG electric dryers perform better than any other brands like Samsung, Electrolux, GE, and Frigidaire based on expert appliance testers. If repairing LG dryers costs about $103 on average, other brands can cost an average of $120.

When it comes to gas dryers, LG still stands out. Frigidaire shows the highest breakage rate among the brands.

Repairing gas dryers cost $110 on average. Samsung is the most expensive with an average repair of $135.

Dryer Problems that may Need Repair:

  • The vent is leaking.

Cool air goes inside the dryer when the exterior dryer vent caps leaks. Clogged vent causes water leaks. Expert technicians can spot this problem quickly and may replace the duct, defective cap or insulate pipes.

  • Dryer is not shutting off.

The probable issue here maybe the timers or door switches.

  • Dryer is not drying.

There are many causes to dryer not drying. One maybe because of the clogged vent. Although you can solve this problem alone, calling a professional technician ensures that all the parts that need to be cleaned will be clean.

  • Dryer creates a loud sound.

There can be many causes to a noisy dryer. Some parts may be defective like the belts, bearings, or seals. On average, repairing this problem can cost about $200.

  • Dryer doesn’t start.

This may be due to the heating element or high limit thermostat.

  • Dryer not heating up.

It may be due to a broken heating element or fuse.

  • Dryer does not tumble.

Belts or switches may be the culprit.

Do you Need Repair or Replacement?

Trustworthy and reliable technicians will tell you honestly if it’s better to buy a brand new dryer or have it repaired. The rule is, if the cost of repair is at least half of the cost of buying a new one, you better get a replacement.

Also, if your dryer has been broken more than once, it’s better to purchase a new dryer. Paying for repair again and again maybe the equivalent of a new dryer that can provide you with more efficiency and savings.

Always have regular maintenance to prolong the life of your appliance. For dryers, make sure that vents are always clean. Have it cleaned every two years.

Before calling a technician, inspect the warranty. You don’t have to spend more if the problem is covered under the warranty.



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