How Do I Get The Most Money Possible When Selling My Car?

We all reach that moment where we get fed up with our car. It’s starting to make strange noises, and it’s not as shiny as it used to be. The spark of excitement is gone, and there’s a new model on the market! If you cruise past the car dealership, gazing fondly at the new arrivals, it’s time to move on. Of course, before you buy your shiny new motor, you’ve got to sell your existing car. Now, many motorists try to get rid of their car as fast as possible. That’s a good plan, but remember, you’ve got to get a brilliant price for your old car. If you want the very best new model, you’ll need that extra money to finance it!

Today, we’ll show you how to offload your used car quickly and get the most money possible. We all know that cars depreciate over time. That means the vehicle is no longer worth its original price. In fact, it only takes three or four years for a car to lose half its value. It’s your job to maintain as much of that original value as possible. Only limited edition sports cars and classic increase in value. So, if you want to get the biggest price, keep your car in the best condition throughout its life. If the time has come to sell the car, your first job is choosing where to sell.

Where to sell your vehicle

Dealership – The first, and obvious, route is the car dealership. Take your old motor down to the local dealer, and they’ll give you a quote there and then. It’s fast, and they’ll take the car off your hands immediately. You can even use it as a ‘part-exchange’ when buying your new car. The dealer will subtract the value of your old car to help pay for the new. Whilst this is the fastest and most efficient way to sell, you won’t always get the best price. For that, you’ll need to look to the private market.

Private – The private market is a tricky playing field. If you’re after the highest possible price, this is where you want to be. However, you’ll have to take on a lot of the work yourself. You’re responsible for listing the car, communicating with potential buyers, and overseeing the sale. You’ll meet buyers, take them on test drives, and negotiate the price. It’s a lot of work, but you’ll squeeze out the most money. Why? Because you’re cutting out the middleman.

Auction – We’ve had some success with car auctions in the past. Before we tell you more, it’s worth noting that success at auction can vary wildly. Some days, you’ll make more than you expected, others you’ll have to settle for the reserve price. So, head to the auction with an open mind! If you’re lucky, you’ll make a small fortune on your car. Just make sure you set a reserve price you’re happy with. That’s the minimum price you’ll accept for the car.

Car buying sites – We all relate car buying websites to irritating jingles, but they’re actually a viable option. In fact, many sellers have reported higher quotes than a corresponding dealership. The best thing about buying sites is that they’ll take your car regardless of condition. You can sell your car with Eastern Western, and receive the money instantly. It’s certainly worth getting a quote before making your final decision elsewhere.

Preparing your car for sale

Now that you know the options available for selling your vehicle, it’s time to prepare it for sale. That means doing everything possible to improve the value and appeal of the car. Remember, you’re looking for a high price and a quick exchange.

Clean and detail – First impressions go a long way when it comes to selling a car. You can dazzle prospective buyers with a full clean and professional detail service. It makes the car appear younger than it really is, and will entice buyers. More importantly, buyers tend to associate cleanliness with overall care. We naturally assume that a clean car is well looked after. It sounds superficial, but it works wonders. There’s a reason why cars at the dealership look sparkly and brand new! So get scrubbing, pick out the best car wax you can find, and get to work!

Make any small repairs – Buyers aren’t just looking for a new car. They’re looking for peace of mind. Many buyers on the used market are still sceptical about reliability and breakdowns. They need assurance that they won’t need to call the AA ten minutes down the road! Fix any immediate repairs, and show buyers the receipts. Better yet, take it in for a full MOT, and show them a clean bill of health. With this assurance, you can add a little more to the price of the car, and you’ll secure a quick sale.

Get documentation together – Used car buyers like to know the full history of the car. They’re worried about skeletons in the closet and hidden problems. A reputable site like We Buy Cars will definitely need to see a full history of the car and if you’re selling privately, it can only help you to have that documentation ready. Gather the complete service history of the car to reassure them about the condition. You should also provide the car’s manual and any other essential documents. It’s little things like this that will seal the deal.

Selling the car

All that’s left to do is make the final sale! Here’s how you make sure the deal goes through at the price you want.

Choose the right price – Many sellers start with a high asking price. We know you want to get the most value, but you might just price yourself out of the market. Choose a figure at the upper end of the spectrum, but not too high. Buyers might haggle, and you may end up settling lower, so take that into account when pricing the car.

Negotiate – All that’s left to do is haggle the final price! Buyers will instinctively start with a much lower offer than you’re expecting. Stand your ground and trust yourself. You know how much the car is worth. It’s up to you to convince the buyer. Remember, this is your sale; only accept a deal you’re happy with.

That’s all there is to it folks! Follow this advice and you’ll sell your car for a tidy sum. Now it’s time to buy your dream car!




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