How do I Cash Out Crypto Casino?

Do you often play online Bitcoin slots? Do you know how to choose a reliable and fair casino? Do you often withdraw your winnings and can find the Cashier section with a closed eye? Congratulations! You are a confident player who has experience interacting with online casinos. However, some players encounter crypto casinos for the first time and want to start playing there. But once they make a deposit and win some amount of cash, they often just don’t know how to withdraw their winnings.

The process is quite simple. What about those who want to start playing and can’t figure out how to cash out from Bitcoin casinos on their own? We will try to help you and describe the process of interaction with the casino from the moment of registration of a crypto wallet to the moment of withdrawal of winnings from the casino in maximum detail. After studying these instructions, you will be able to make deposits and withdrawals not only from Bitcoin, but also from Ethereum casinos. It’s enough to see how it’s done once.

How do I Buy Cryptocurrency and Make a Deposit in a Casino?

Let’s take the Coinbase crypto wallet as an example of how to buy cryptocurrency. First, you need to register, then go through the identity verification process and then choose a payment method.

image 8

Now in order:

  • Register on Coinbase
  • Click on the Buy & Sell button
  • Then enter the amount you want to spend on the purchase and select the cryptocurrency
  • Select a payment method
image 7
  • Click on Preview Buy to confirm your intention to buy the cryptocurrency. But, before doing so, check all the details. A confirmation window will then appear with the information 
image 2
  • Just click on Buy and the transaction is done
image 6

You’ve learned how to buy cryptocurrency. But, now you need to find out how to send it to your casino account. To do that, we will look at an example of depositing funds at 7BitCasino. First, you need to register on the gaming platform by entering all the necessary details. Then:

  • Click on Deposit 
image 1
  • When you go to Cashier, you will need to select the cryptocurrency you have and copy the wallet address
image 3
  • Now that you have copied the wallet address in 7BitCasino go to your Coinbase account and click on Send. Paste the copied address, enter the amount and send the funds. Now you just have to wait for the cryptocurrency to arrive in your 7BitCasino account.

How to Cash Out Funds?

Now you know how to deposit at BTC casino. However, the question arises as to how to cash out. This point is also very simple. All you need to do is start betting with real money on Bitcoin games. When you have accumulated a certain amount, you can withdraw your winnings.

We’ll take the same 7BitCasino as an example:

  • Click on Deposit again or in the sidebar click on your Profile and open Wallet. Here you will see all the cryptocurrencies you have connected and will be able to make different transactions
image 5
  • Select the Withdrawal tab
image 4
  • On the same tab, you will also need to specify the amount you want to cash in. Then go to your Coinbase wallet and copy the address. Then paste it into the Address field on the 7BitCasino website and click on Withdraw. All that remains is to wait for your funds to arrive in your wallet.

Note that you need to have the same cryptocurrency of your crypto wallet as on the casino website. Otherwise, you may not be able to send funds to your address. Some gaming platforms have a built-in exchange. So before you start playing, study the site where you are going to play in detail.




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