How Can You Help the Environment with Eco-Friendly Shoes?

As the global climate changes, the planet deals with the negative consequences. If you want to take matters into your own hands and contribute to an Eco-friendlier environment, you can take measures to become proactive.

You can minimize your carbon footprint by switching your footwear to products that use sustainable materials and move forward sustainably. Here are some benefits of switching to ethical footwear to protect the planet and its inhabitants.

Safeguard Lives of Animals

Purchasing shoes created with sustainable materials means that no animals are harmed during production. According to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), the global leather industry slaughters more than a billion animals every year.

The key material in leather shoes is animal skin, so many animals suffer in the shoe production process, such as cows and kangaroos. Switching to ethical footwear that doesn’t use any part of an animal as the material allows you to save their lives. The more people switch to ethical footwear, the lower the demand for leather shoes, allowing more animals to live a longer life.

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Conserve Natural Resources

A shoe consists of various components, from the outer layer to the sole and shoelaces. So, material selection is the primary stage to address sustainability. Ecological shoes ensure that fewer natural resources are used for fashion purposes, allowing the environment to hold on to its creations for the future.

Supporting companies that create ethical footwear helps you conserve natural resources. A company that aims to create sustainable items uses recycled raw materials, which reduces the need to destroy natural resources.

Reduce Waste in Landfills

When shoes aren’t created with recyclable material, they end up in a landfill and many other waste piles. Purchasing biodegradable shoes allows you to wear items with organic materials that can be recycled when necessary. The ability to recycle the shoes reduces the water in landfills, adversely affecting the quality of many lives.

A landfill with excessive waste breaks down at a slow rate, which can be problematic for the future. When landfills are overloaded, they are home to toxins, leachate, and greenhouse gases. Unfortunately, landfills pose many risks for the earth due to fire risks from gases and the creation of greenhouse gases contributing to global warming. However, ethical footwear reduces the waste in landfills, solving a small part of the big problem.

Decrease Water Consumption

It takes about 2,257 gallons of water to create one pair of shoes. The amount of water used in the production process is excessive and can lead to a significant global problem worldwide. The lack of access to clean water is already a prevalent issue that affects many people globally, resulting in water-borne illnesses, inadequate sanitation, and lack of drinking water.

Using environment-friendly materials and being mindful of the shoe production process allows companies to save water and preserve it for those in need.

Take some time to help the environment by being mindful of your purchase of shoes. You can make a significant change to help the planet you walk on by opting for sustainable footwear.




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