Holster Options for the PSA Dagger: What Works Best?

Each gun model requires specific types of holsters. Placing and carrying your firearm in the wrong holster can lead to gun damage and even injuries due to accidental discharges. If you have or are thinking about getting a PSA Dagger, you must get a suited holster to ensure you get the most out of this striker-fired handgun. 

In this article, we discuss some of the best and most popular holsters for a PSA Dagger.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Holster for the PSA Dagger

Firearm Fit

Ensure the holster keeps your PSA Dagger in place so it may provide optimum retention, safety, and comfort. 


Determine if you want to keep a low profile or carry your weapon openly. That influences your choice as there are different styles for concealed carry and open carry holsters. 

Holster Type

There are many holster models to choose from, such as inside-the-waistband, outside-the-waistband, shoulder, belly, leg, and so on. Choosing which best fits you depends on your preferences and lifestyle.

Holster Material

Holsters also come in various materials, including leather, Kydex, and nylon. Each material comes with advantages and drawbacks regarding durability, comfort, and retention. If you are looking for durability, leather is a great option. However, if you prioritize comfort over durability, take a look at nylon PSA Dagger holsters.

Carry Position 

Decide where you want to carry your PSA Dagger holster. There are several models for different body parts, including the hip, appendix, small of the back, chest, and shoulder.

Consider these relevant factors when selecting the right holster for a PSA Dagger. It is essential that you feel comfortable and safe while using it, and at the same time, it should meet your daily needs and requirements.

Popular Holster Types for PSA Dagger

Inside-the-Waistband Holsters

IWB holsters are excellent options for concealed carry as they minimize visibility and printing. In addition, they are generally comfortable, especially if you opt for a lightweight model. IWB holsters are also known for being safe, as they hold the weapon close to your body, reducing the risk of it falling out or being stolen. Keep in mind, however, that IWB holsters do not fit all body types, and the learning curve can sometimes be challenging. 

This holster style is a popular choice for the PSA Dagger due to its excellent concealment and comfort. 

Outside-the-Waistband Holsters 

OWB holsters provide easy access to the firearm, making them the perfect option for open carry. Compared to IWB holsters, they are more comfortable, as they are not pressed against the body. They are ideal for carriers who do not worry about concealment or need quick access to their weapon. Keep in mind that, with OWB holsters, you are more exposed to firearm grabs. 

OWB holsters are compatible with the PSA Dagger, but you must ensure that the holster you choose fits your PSA Dagger perfectly and offers adequate retention. Leather is generally the best material option as it can offer significantly better retention than nylon. 

Appendix Holsters

Appendix holsters are best known for allowing an efficient draw and offering minimal printing (when wearing loose-fitting clothing) as well as good retention due to their position. 

On the downside, appendix holsters may not be comfortable for everyone, as they place the firearm close to sensitive body areas. Its position can also compromise access to the weapon when the carrier is seated.

This type of holster is also very popular among PSA Dagger owners thanks to its access and concealment benefits.


Choosing an adequate holster is a crucial part of taking good care of your PSA Dagger and being a responsible gun owner. When deciding on a holster, make sure you consider important factors such as firearm fit, concealment preferences, holster type, holster material, and carry position. 

While there are various holster types and models, a few of the most popular ones among PSA Dagger users are IWB, OWB, and appendix holsters. These options are versatile, comfortable, and safe for you and your firearm.



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