Heading Out West: Top US Road Trip Destinations

A road trip around the west of America is what so many people dream of. Freedom. The open road. The great outdoors. Providing all this and more, it’s no wonder so many people make this journey. Here are some of the unmissable sights to take in during your time out west.

Los Angeles

A city that has been built for driving around, LA divides opinion but there’s no doubt that it’s more than worth a visit. Iconic sights like Sunset Boulevard, Mulholland Drive and Hollywood mean that you will definitely have stars in your eyes when you visit here. Beyond here, coastal attractions like Newport beach and a climate that is ideal for much of the year all combine to make the city what it is today.

San Francisco

Often at the other end of a great Californian adventure, San Francisco is very different to its glitzier cousin in both climate and culture. It’s worth ditching the car for a little while to cycle over the Golden Gate Bridge which is a breathtaking spectacle to behold. Also worth visiting is Alcatraz, the island prison which has now been turned into a fascinating museum. You should spend a few days here to really soak up the atmosphere.

Las Vegas

The setting of so many TV shows and movies, and a place that captures the imagination of pleasure seekers around the world, there’s nowhere else like Las Vegas. The drive into this place is pretty extraordinary too, as you cruise through miles of desert before it springs up in front of you like an oasis. It goes without saying that you should visit the various casinos and their accompanying attractions, and you should also take in one of the award-winning shows on offer. For thrill-seekers of a different kind, take a trip up 113 storeys to the top of the Stratosphere, and go on the three rides at the top if you dare. Be warned, it takes a strong stomach and a death-defying sense of bravery!

The Grand Canyon

One of the great natural wonders of the world, there’s no doubt that a trip to the Grand Canyon should be on everyone’s bucket list. There are plenty of ways to appreciate it, from an extravagant helicopter ride over the top, to a a trek on a donkey right into the heart of the canyon itself.

Best of the Rest

Some of the national parks in this part of the world like Yosemite and Yellowstone are simply breathtaking so don’t miss out. Try to see some lesser known sights in Arizona like Phoenix or Tempe, which have a host of interesting attractions. If you encounter any difficulties when you are in this part of the world, auto repair options are available. There are also a great range of Californian places to go including Santa Barbara and Monterey.

Ultimately, this is your time to plan your own itinerary and really enjoy what the open road has to offer you. The west of America is a magical location and seeing it on your own four wheels is spectacular.




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