Gold Dispensing ATM Machine

We all know that Arabic countries have a lot of money, but this is just crazy – an ATM machine that dispenses actual gold bars!

This “Gold for Cash” ATM machine is located in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates and was created by German entrepreneur Thomas Geissler.  He picked Abu Dhabi to debut the ATM machine because of the glitz and glamour, and the never ending supply of high-rollers visiting the city and surrounding area. Smart? Maybe for Thomas.

Gold Dispensing ATM – Yes, it’s Real

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If you’ve got both the cash and desire to fly half way around the world to experience the novelty of receiving gold bars from a bank machine, then you may as well stay at The Emirates Place while you’re there. That’s the hotel that houses this hilariously pointless device. You too can awkwardly cram bills into a machine, and receive small 24 karat gold bars (weighing up to 10 grams) in exchange too! Believe me, all the cool kids are doing it, and you want to be cool, right?

Now, you’re probably thinking this sounds like a little bit of a rip off by this point, but fear not… you’ll be sure to get a good deal on the gold. This magnificent ATM is continuously monitoring the price of gold, ensuring that you’ll never pay a dime more than you have too. Now, isn’t that generous of them?



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