Five Tips For Staying Active and Enjoying Your Later Years

Remaining active in later life can have huge physical and mental benefits. Activity in older age can reduce the risk of ailments and keep our brains sharp. So if you’re looking for interesting ways to keep yourself active in later life, continue reading.

1. Make the most of your garden

Gardening offers valuable benefits for those that wish to stay active over 60. Just half an hour of activity in the garden can boost your health. Popular garden-based activities for older people include weeding, mowing the lawnm and potting plants. The benefits can be just as valuable as a session in the gym. You don’t have to over exert yourself in the garden to give your health a boost.

2. Use online exercise resources

Using the internet doesn’t have to mean sitting down for long periods and engaging in very little physical activity. There are scores of online exercise videos you can watch to improve your health. More and more older people are using fitness tutorial videos to stay in shape, and you don’t have to pay a penny to view the vast majority of these. Some of these videos are even broadcast live so you can interact with the hosts and ask important questions during your session. Consider yoga, tai chi, pilates, and more. Exercise can release several “feel good” chemicals, enabling you ward off depression and anxiety.

3. Look after a pet

Many older people use their pets to help them improve their physical, mental, and emotional health. If you have a dog, chances are that you’re walking for 20 minutes more than most other people your age. Dogs ensure you’re getting the exercise and fresh air that you need to stay healthy while providing valuable companionship benefits. Just remember some pets are easier to look after than others.

4. Join a dance class

When you learn dance routines, you get the chance to maintain your physical fitness and give your brain a powerful workout. Remembering dance steps can be challenging but incredibly rewarding, enabling you to boost your cognitive abilities remarkably. Zumba and line dancing are just two examples of dance classes that may benefit you in older age. Many online and offline dance classes are specifically targeted at older people, so you won’t be forced into anything too intense.

5. Take multivitamins

Multivitamins can benefit people of all ages, and they can play a big role in keeping older citizens healthy. It’s wise to consult your GP if you’re wondering which products will benefit you the most. Avoid taking a high dosage or taking them for too long, and be careful if you’re already on medication. Stick to the recommended daily allowance amounts. Multivitamins can help you get the Vitamin D that you need.

Calcium can help some people to reduce the risk of bone fractures, whilst B Vitamins may cut the likelihood of anaemia and memory loss. Vitamin C can help you fight disease and aids the healing process. Depending on your circumstances, your GP may advise you to take a multivitamin for senior men to boost your general well-being. You may also be able to boost your intake of certain vitamins by consuming more fruit and vegetables.


Getting more exercise, looking after a pet, taking multivitamins, dancing, and gardening are all great ways to stay in great physical and mental shape during the later stages of your life. Even making a few subtle lifestyle changes can make a huge difference during those golden years of life!



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