Fitness Tips Every Man Needs To Know

Fitness is incredibly important for all men. By keeping fit, you are ensuring that you will be leading a happy and healthy for as long as possible. Some studies even show that being fit can help you prevent premature aging! But even though we are continually told that we need to stay fit and active, there are still some simple tips and facts that most men aren’t aware of. Here are some of the main ones that you need to know.

Remember The 10% Rule

This point is especially important for those who are just starting out on their fitness journey. To make sure you don’t overdo things and give yourself an injury from over-training, you need to remember the 10% rule. It states that you should never increase the intensity, time, or frequency of your workouts by more than 10%.

Photo by Koji Yeishiki
Photo by Koji Yeishiki

This gives your body time to adjust to its new workout regime. If you increase things by more than 10%, you are putting yourself at a very high risk of injuring yourself.

Work On Your Flexibility

Men are naturally stronger and powerful than women. However, women win when it comes to flexibility and suppleness. But this doesn’t mean that us guys need to forget about our flexibility. In fact, it is incredibly important to work on it! Stretching your muscles and increasing their flexibility will help them move a lot more efficiently. Not only that, though, but increasing your flexibility also helps you reduce the risk of injury.

Think About A Personal Trainer

Many men start a new workout routine to just end up demotivated and give up after a couple of months. There is one way to make sure you don’t give up, though. And that is by hiring a personal trainer! A trainer can tailor a workout to your needs and preferences.

Photo by Skeeze
Photo by Skeeze

He or she will also encourage you to keep on going even when you feel like giving up! Read these tips before you get a personal trainer near you.

Take A Holistic Approach

Women are a lot better at taking a holistic approach to their fitness regime. This is certainly all men should aim to improve on! But how do you take this kind of approach? You just need to make sure that you are taking care of your mental and emotional fitness as well as your physical fitness. You will find that certain alternative medicines can help keep your body in shape.

Take A Break

Taking plenty of rest days is important when it comes to fitness. Many men still forget that their bodies need rest days so it has time to heal muscles. So don’t plan on going to the gym every day of the week. Give yourself and your body time to take a breather. You will find that your fitness increases a lot quicker this way!

Once you have all these tips under your belt, you will notice a vast difference in your fitness and stamina. And your overall health will improve as a result too!



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