First Time Sex with a New Partner: 4 Tips to Make It Great

Sex is fun, enjoyable and something to make the most of. It is also necessary for the human race to continue to exist.

Despite what some may say, sex is a natural need – for both men and women. However, making sex enjoyable may seem challenging for some. After all, people don’t always like the same things in the bedroom.

If you have recently started a new relationship and are planning to be intimate soon, you may feel somewhat nervous and anxious. While this is normal, there are also some things you can do to help ensure the first time is great – for both of you.

Make Sure the First Time is Memorable

If you want your first sexual experience with a new partner to be memorable, you can’t leave things to chance. While choosing the right partner is important, you also need to carefully plan when and where you will “do it.”

Create a situation where you are both comfortable. Keep in mind, today, having sex in bed isn’t the other option. You and your new partner may find it more exciting to find a hidden spot in the home, or even somewhere else. However, you may want to also save these more “risky” adventures for later on.

The key is to make sure you choose a location that is comfortable for both of you. This will help you both unwind and enjoy the experience.

Don’t Pressure Your Partner (and Vice Versa)

Sex should be something you and your partner mutually agree to. Make sure you don’t feel pressured, and you don’t pressure your partner into doing this. If this happens, the experience will not only be tainted, it may cause issues within the relationship as a whole.

The key is to wait until you are both ready. This will ensure the best experience possible.

Don’t Try to Show Off

While you may want to show your partner how much sexual prowess you have, it is best to keep things simple for your first encounter. While it is fine to add a few toys, such as the ones offered by TheAdultToyShop, don’t get too crazy.

There will be time to add more exciting things in the mix down the road.

Set Realistic Expectations

If you want to make sure your first sexual encounter is a nice memory, you need to set realistic expectations. If you image that the first time with a new partner is going to be fairytale-esque, you may be disappointed.

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In many cases, the first time is awkward, clumsy and (in some cases) shorter than expected. Don’t overthink things. Enjoy it for what it is and then try to do better in the future.

Regardless of if you are having sex for the first time with a new partner, or the first time ever, the tips here will help you enjoy the experience. Don’t try to rush things and kee things simple – this is the best way for it to be a positive experience for you both. For male enhancement and to improve your sexual health as men, check out




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1 thought on “First Time Sex with a New Partner: 4 Tips to Make It Great”

  1. You’ve got some great tips in here! Especially the part about not showing off. Oh my goodness let me tell you as a woman, it’s so annoying when men try to show off the 1st time. Please… leave something for later! Ladies are totally in tune with your tactics too.

    There will be a sex tip for men in a Maxim issue and all of a sudden, all the men are doing the same thing. We know what you’re up to! Once there was a tip about massaging the balls of the feet. Something about how touching there leads directly to the vagina or the clitoris or something erogenous. Anyway, so I was in bed during foreplay and men would always massage the balls of my feet. I did like it – but I could tell your tactics. So on the 1st sexual encounter, keep it simple. Keep it personal, enjoy each other without trying tactics.

    We love sex toys and yes PLEASE buy me a vibrator, but let’s wait a few months. Sex toys are nice to add once sex has lost its honeymoon luster. Maybe like 6 months later? Then a vibrator is a fun thing to bring into the bedroom now that we’ve connected physically it’s time to step it up with sex toys. So that’s my story and thanks for sharing this great article. You’re doing guys a favor everywhere!


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