The Financial Freedoms of Being a Bachelor

Whether or not being single is by circumstance or choice, there is no denying that there are perks to bachelorhood. You get to dictate your own schedule without having to “check in” with the wife, there are no children in your life to stop you from watching your favorite “shoot-‘em-up” movies and there is no one around to judge if you choose to drink straight out of the juice carton. The economic benefits of having to worry solely about numero uno are palpable; below are some of the many financial freedoms that come from being a bachelor, as well as some tips on how to fiscally make the most of this period of your life.


This is the phase of your life when travel is much like going to the grocery store.  Fill one small carry on and you are good for days.  Shoot right off the plane and you are on your way to the beach.  If you had a family, you would have to buy several pieces of luggage and multiple plane tickets. The destinations and activities would also have been limited, as small children might not appreciate backpacking across the Alps as much as your fellow single buddies.

So, single gentlemen, now is the time to see the world. Fly off to Asia and cycle across Vietnam, splurge on a Vegas luxury hotel suite with your pals and maybe even fall in love with a local in Paris. After all, a few years down the line, Christmas won’t be spent surfing in Mexico or exploring the ruins of Rome; instead, you’ll be driving through the snow to Des Moines to visit your wife’s parents. Traveling alone? Even if you have the money, consider staying at a youth hostel – this is a place in which you can easily meet and interact with a wide variety of interesting characters and find a temporary travel companion with little effort (plus, most offer the “luxury” of private rooms) and there are lots of single ladies looking to have a good time.

Financial Flexibility

Having to take care of one person financially is a lot less stressful than caring for two or four. While you will undoubtedly want/need to save, you have a lot less overall payments to account for when you make economic decisions. Let’s say you want to splurge on a car or do a little bit of that traveling we mentioned above; freeing up the necessary money is a lot easier now than when you have to worry about school tuition, pediatrician bills, back-to-school outfits . . . budgeting monthly payments is a lot easier as a singleton, making it a lot less of a gamble to budget car or house payments now than later on down the line. To figure out you would potentially have to pay on these larger purchases, use a loan calculator or similar resources found on websites like Auto Credit Express and Bankrate.

Eating Out

Read any “frugal living” article and among the first suggestions given will be that you limit the amount you eat out. Yes, this is valid advice but, I personally say that this is the phase in which you should introduce your taste buds to exotic flavors, meet your friends for after-work drinks on Tuesday evenings and enjoy the pleasures of being single (perhaps even seize the chance to mingle). After all, it’s a lot cheaper to pay for a meal for one rather than two. Plus, when the little ones come rolling into your life, taking them to your favorite restaurants might result in them pushing the sushi to the floor and demanding peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Not shackled by the obligation of “family meals”, treat yourself to a night out every once in a while.

Living Space

If you’re taking our above suggestions of exploring the globe and spending your nights exploring the restaurant or bar scene, chances are that you aren’t spending long stretches at home. A single man needs a lot less space than a growing family, so consider streamlining your life with a smaller house or apartment. By shaving a few hundred dollars off of rent, you’ll be amazed by how much more money you can spend on having fun or responsibly stocking it away. Plus, keeping a reasonably-sized area clean is a lot less time-consuming than a large area.


As a man with no angry wife to chastise him for being late or children who feel neglected, working those extra hours does little to injure your quality of life. Establish yourself professionally when you’re young enough to have the stamina to work long hours and then throw back a few beers with friends; this will be a lot harder to do as you age and the amount of people demanding your attention increases. If you power away now, you may be able to comfortably coast when you are family man in a much cushier title.

So there you have it – some reasons why being a bachelor rocks. So wipe away those tears that come during those long, mopey nights when all you want is “someone to cuddle with” and take advantage of the freedom of being a single man. Tell us in the comment section below what some of YOUR favorite benefits are?



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