Fed Up of Your Resolutions Failing? How You Can Achieve Your Health and Fitness Goals This Year

Many of us may have set new year’s resolutions at the start of this new year. Now being two weeks in, how has it been going? I imagine many people will have pledged to be healthier and pledged to lose weight and get that body that they have always wanted. The thing is, if you keep making this resolution year after year, why is it never happening? Why aren’t you achieving your goals, whatever they may be? Here are a few steps to be thinking about, to make sure that your goals can be achieved.

Pledge to Change

It can all be very well saying to yourself that this year you will run a marathon or lose that beer gut. But you are much more likely to stick at a goal when you have written it down. So write a pledge to yourself and keep it in a place that you will see it regularly. You need to be accountable to someone, even if it just yourself.

Find Your Motivation

With anything that we do for ourselves, there has to be some kind of motivation for us to do it. Thinking along the lines of weight loss goals, for example. We all know that you will feel better, be healthier and have more energy if you lose weight. But they are quite generic. What is there specific to you that will change when you achieve this goal? Will it be getting back into the shape you used to be in? Will it be a feeling of achievement or confidence? Will it just be the fact that you’ll look better naked? Whatever the motivation is, you need to think about it being specific to you. Change is much more likely when this happens.

Set Smaller Goals

You could have a long-term goal of one thing in mind. But setting yourself smaller goals along the way means you are much more likely to achieve it. A big goal can seem so far off, so just start small and go from there.

Include Things You Enjoy

Back talking about being healthier or losing weight again. Will you stick at an exercise regime when it means you have to do something that you can’t stand? If you don’t like running, then don’t set yourself a goal to go running. It isn’t going to happen. So choose something you do enjoy like boxing or cycling, for example. If you want to eat better and get stronger, don’t set yourself the goal of having protein shakes or drinking lots of milk, when you don’t like the taste of it, for instance. Instead, think about other ways to get that through other foods or supplements like AlgaeCal, for example. Just be sure to read the reviews of supplements, like AlgaeCal reviews, beforehand, so you know it will help you with all that you have to achieve.

The bottom line is to keep things simple. The more straightforward, transparent, and let’s face it, easy something is, the more likely it is going to happen. Good luck!



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