Family Friendly Games Night: 8 Ideas for this Easter

Easter is the season when people come together to celebrate faith, family, and friendship.

Regardless of what the Easter Bunny offers, you will treasure the memories you make during this holiday. You can make the holiday more memorable by engaging in fun, family-friendly games.

Let us look at games ideas you can play as a family this Easter

1.Trivia Games and Questions

Participating in trivia games and questions is essential for the brain, especially for the kids and the elderly. Trivia is the discovery of secrets that make the world more exciting, surprising, and real.

Understanding the minute and absurd details that create games, movies, history, and places makes them more interesting and important. There are numerous online season trivia games and questions you can indulge in as a family.

2.Guess the Number of Candy Eggs or Jelly Beans

If you are looking for a long game where the whole family will participate, then this is it. Each family member brings a container full of candy eggs or jelly beans. Everyone guesses the number of candy eggs in each container. Whoever comes the closest wins the candy and the container—the more family members participating in the game, the more chances to win.

3.Easter Egg Toss

This game is ideal for the energetic bunch as it gets everyone moving. Divide your family members into pairs and stand apart at an equal distance. Each pair has a raw egg tossed from one person to the other. Each instance the egg is successfully caught, both team members step backward.

If the eggs break, the pair is out of the game. The last team left standing without breaking an egg wins.

4.Bunny Nose Race

The bunny nose race will leave everyone giggling. Provide each player with a bowl of bunny tails or cotton balls. Have everyone put a small amount of petroleum jelly on their nose. They should try to move the bunny tails from the bowl using their nose.

The winner is the person who moves the highest number of cotton balls from the bowl. You can form teams and get the cotton balls relay-style if you have a large family.

5.Easter Egg Matching

This is an educational Easter game. Take several plastic eggs and divide them into two. Write lowercase letters on one batch and uppercase letters on the other batch. Mix up the eggs by twisting them and ask your kids to match the letters, an uppercase letter with a lowercase letter.

This game is suitable for young children who are still familiar with their letters.

6.Scavenger Hunt

Instead of a clueless hunt for Easter eggs, provide clues to encourage your kids to look for the eggs in a certain order. Every time an egg is found, there will be a message with a clue on finding the next one. The process continues until there is only one egg left. You can award the final egg as a prize to the winner.

7.Pin the Bunny Tail

If you celebrate a birthday during the Easter holiday, you can play this classic customizable game. Enlarge a photo of the birthday boy or girl. Ask your guests to take a shot and try to pin the tail on the right spot.

8.Easter Egg Tower

After an Easter egg hunt, you’ll probably have a remainder of empty plastic eggs. Use the leftovers for an Easter egg tower contest. Each player should pile egg halves, and the one with the tallest standing tower wins.




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