Essential Hunting Gears You Should Have On The Field

The type of animal or bird you are hunting will determine the gears you will be carrying. Each hunter carries different types of equipment according to what the hunt calls for. There are certain gears specific for particular pursuits.

But also, even if you are hunting the same animal, different terrains necessitate different equipment and preparations.

This article aims to make your hunt more comfortable by listing the essential equipment you will need on the field.

Let’s begin:

Carry All Official Licenses And Permits Card

Before you depart:

  • Ensure that you have completed any required safety courses.
  • Have your license and tags.
  • Checked the weather forecast.

Depending on the type of animal or bird you intend to hunt, you may require more than one license. Purchasing a hunting license is not only necessary, but it also promotes hunters to be ethical and responsible.

Lastly, remember to carry tags or permits when hunting for a big animal like elk, deer, buck, etc.

Wear Proper hunting Clothing

Clothing plays a vital role in regulating and maintaining body heat or cold. Usually, you will be asked to wear a bright orange jacket or orange band if you are hunting on public property for safety reasons. But underneath, you must carry proper hunting attire, depending on the weather.

For instance, if you are hunting during the fall, in most cases, you will need a base layer of clothing to manage your sweat.

A camouflage jacket and pants for concealment. To cover the rough terrains for long periods, you need good hunting boots and socks that can wick the moisture preventing painful blisters.  

Carry Your Weapon, Knife, Optics, And Binoculars

These four act as complementary pieces in a good hunter’s hands, essentially essential gear a hunter will need to carry. Each piece has to be regularly cleaned and handled with serious consideration.

Regarding bow hunting, carry some extra tools, such as primary hex wrenches, a spare nock, and rest padding material. When it comes to rifles, always take extra ammunition. Both weapons have to be thoroughly checked and optics adjusted beforehand.

Optics and binoculars are equally important when you compare them with your weapons. These gears maximize your accuracy and give you more clarity about your surroundings. 

However, if you have owned optics, you know most of them need to be handled carefully during our hunt. And one thing we hunters need is durable gear designed for rough terrains. Keeping that in mind, we have set aside an easy guide for you on How the Pick the Most Durable Optics for Your Rifle for rough terrains or extreme weather conditions.

Carry Your Range Finder

All types of hunting necessitate the use of a good rangefinder. Even with practice, estimating yardage accurately in varying terrain and conditions takes time and effort. 

Knowing your target’s exact yardage can mean a clean, ethical kill or, worse, a wounded animal. Whatever weapon you use, you must sight in and practice at various distances, understand how your equipment performs, and understand your accuracy limits.

Carry Your Climbing Hunting Stand

Tree stands serve two main functions. For starters, they provide the hunter with a better vantage point over the surrounding area, allowing the upcoming game to be identified from afar. 

Second, a tree stand takes the hunter out of the primary field of vision of the animal being hunted. Therefore, hunting stands are critical components, and choosing your correct stand is an important hunting gear you need to consider. 

To find the best climbing tree stand for your situation, consider comfort levels, dependability, ease of use, size, weight, and portability. We have arranged a guide to help you find the best climbing stand available, with reviews and buying guides from veteran hunters informing you more about hunting stands.

Carry A Cell Phone Or Satellite Phone

Like it’s always said in hunting, prepare for the worst. Carrying a smartphone can be a tool that can prevent situations from getting worse. 

You can send your location or use the maps application to know your where about and the nearest exits etc. If you are covering a deep terrain, you must carry a satellite phone. Most veteran hunters always take a satellite phone for safety.

Carry Masking Scent and Attractant Spray 

Masking is a spray you use to mask odors on your clothes and boots. In contrast, you use attractant spray to lure the prey through smell. Some hunters prefer natural hacks, like using an additional cover scent appropriate for your hunting environments, such as pine, sage, or urine, to attract and cover their natural scent.

Carry Emergency Supplies

emergency first aid kit

Emergency supplies are just as necessary as any other piece of equipment or clothing you bring.

Consider the following items you should carry in case of emergency:

  • Food supplies with calories, like Oatmeal Packets, bananas, frozen-dried meals, energy bars, and coffee.
  • Water and Water Purifying System
  • Portable shelter or light blankets
  • Fire making Materials like two duct-wrapped lighters and a waterproof Magnesium striker
  • Flashlight, headlamp, and extra batteries
  • First aid supplies
  • Whistle 


Highlighted above are some of the most essential gear you will need as a hunter. It would help if you excluded or included more gear depending on your hunting season and hunt. 

For example, it is common to adopt a hunting dog as you learn more about certain hunts. Hunting dogs are important for finding a game after it’s been shot.

These hunting dogs are also excellent companions if you are a lone hunter.  You can browse through Tips for Choosing a Great Hunting Dog to find a perfect hunting partner.



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