Reese Witherspoon Smoking? Celebrities That Use Electronic Cigarettes

We’ve seen many public photos of Reese Witherspoon smoking and vaping over the past few years. Electronic cigarettes are fashion accessories for celebrities and the rich and famous. Rather than the tobacco cigarettes that are socially taboo in so many ways, e-cigs and those handheld vaporizers are a healthier alternative, stylish, and fun, and people are using them all over the world. There’s also reason to believe that e-cigs can help those seeking to quit smoking look fashionable as they do so.

Because they aren’t tobacco cigarettes, vapers can sometimes enjoy them indoors. In some areas, such as Los Angeles, there are certain restrictions. It’s always a good idea to know and abide by the law.

reese witherspoon smoking with julia dreyfus

Here’s a short list of celebrities who are out and about with e-cigs:

Brittany Spears has been captured vaping by the paparazzi on many occasions. She is vocal about her preference for e-cigs as a relaxing and fashionable accessory, and, remember, she was one of the first to sing, “I’m not that innocent!” According to the FDA, choosing e-cigarettes over tobacco varieties is smart. Available studies comparing e-cigs’ vape vs. tobacco smoke show that vaping has fewer toxins and contaminants.

Reese Witherspoon, a favorite all-American girl, and mother, is another e-cigarette user. Reese was a student at Stanford University, now considered the most competitive U.S. educational institution, so we’re sure she did her homework.

Of course, everyone anticipates that rebellious celebrities like Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen vape openly for the crowds. But seeing Hollywood’s top stars—including Leonardo Di Caprio—vaping assures us that e-cigs are an established fashion trend. Because these professionals certainly have the money to smoke privately if they’re concerned about fans’ perceptions!

Hollywood A-lister Dennis Quaid is seen on YouTube with an e-cigarette—but he tells viewers they shouldn’t smoke. This is certainly wise advice, as e-cigarette manufacturers face class action lawsuits.

Robert Pattinson ecig

Twilight Star Robert Pattinson (who also co-starred with Reese Witherspoon in “Water for Elephants”) is another star who’s visibly attached to his e-cigarettes. He recently vaped on a movie set. Pattison says that switching from tobacco to e-cigs is part of his process to kick smoking for good. Even in Canada, where many residents are addicted to smoking, stopping smoking is a big challenge.

Similarly, Catherine Zeta-Jones says e-cigarettes are helping her gradually quit nicotine.

Katherine Heigl is one of the most often quoted e-cigs advocates. She recently appeared on David Letterman’s show and vaped on camera. Interestingly, Letterman enjoys vaping, so this was a good interview for both.

Types of E-Cigs

It’s possible to purchase e-cigarettes in all different colors and flavors. So many stars carry the basic white or cream variety. Others tend to like the metallic (in various colors) look. Still, other trendsetters prefer exciting black e-cigarettes. Remember: black and white do go with everything.

ecigarette types

BLACKHAWX E-Cigarette is an example of an e-cig starter kit with the stylish look many vapers are looking for.


Yes, it’s true; many photos show Reese Witherspoon smoking. Many stars and celebrities like e-cigarettes because they’re a stylish comfort while reducing nicotine use. Protection from many contaminants available in cigarette smoke—some studies say that tobacco has many thousands of higher toxins than vape smoke—is one of the most important reasons to consider e-cigs over tobacco cigarettes. For those who’ve done the research, e-cigs are simply a better lifestyle and health choice for those who use nicotine.



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