Don’t You Look Dapper! 4 Critical Grooming Tips for Men

Long gone are the days of rolling out of bed and heading off to school or work.

If you want to look like a powerful man and be taken seriously, you need to groom like one. You don’t have to spend an hour a day on your appearance, but a few minutes here and there can go a long way.

Keep reading to find our best grooming tips for men.

1. Use Hair Products

Just because you can get away with bedhead doesn’t mean you should. There are thousands of hair products on the market made for men. Try different ones to see which produce the general style you’re going for.

Pomade and waxes are perfect for thick and unruly locks. Texturing lotions or thickening sprays are great picks for thinner hair.

There are even products out there for bald men, too.

2. Wash Your Face

If you’ve been washing your face with the same soap you use for your body, you’re doing yourself a disservice.

Use a wash that’s designed not only specifically for your face, but for your skin type, too. They can remove dead skin cells and dirt and prevent skin issues like acne.

3. Take Care of Your Nether Region

Male grooming doesn’t stop at your face. It won’t matter how perfect your hair and brows look if you reek of ball sweat.

Use an antiperspirant in your groin if you get sweaty down there. You can also try a talc-free powder to help reduce friction and stay dry.

What about the hair in your pants, though? Fifty-percent of men perform some kind of public hair grooming, so it’s about time you start, too.

Your pubic area is very sensitive, so you need to take care when doing hair removal there. Use a pre-shave oil before going in with a razor or shaver.

If you’re using a razor, choose one with two-blades. Fewer blades can mean less irritation and fewer cuts. Also, never use your face razor for your body.

What about your testicles?

We know it’s a sensitive area, and that’s why you need to use the best trimmer for balls. Go slow, relax, and work in an area with proper lighting.

4. Don’t Forget Your Brows

While you’re taking care of your ball and head hair, don’t leave out your eyebrows.

Out-of-control brows can mess with your facial symmetry, a characteristic both women and men find attractive.

With our handy male grooming tips, you’ll have the best looking eyebrows around.

Use a mustache comb to brush brows upwards and trim any long hairs. Tweezers help clean up hairs that grow outside of your natural brow shape.

An eyebrow trimmer can cut some bulk if you have a caterpillar brow situation going on. Move the trimmer along your brows the direction that hairs are pointing. Keep going until they are uniform in shape.

Put Our Grooming Tips into Action

Pick up that hair pomade and ball shaver and get to work, boys. You’ll feel more confident and look more attractive when you start using our grooming tips.

Leave a comment below with your favorite tried-and-true men’s grooming tips.




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  1. Who said grooming tips are not for men? It is a very biased and out-dated idea that grooming is only for women. I often tell my boys to get a manicure and pedicure because I am very particular about clean hands and feet. I’ve never given thought to the eyebrows, and I am not sure if they will comply.


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