Do You Really Want Fast Food The Fast Way?

As kids, we were told to brush our teeth pretty much every morning and every night. It was part of the daily grind and eventually it became background noise for us. We may have been able to hide the truth from our parents, but our lies eventually caught up to us when we had to go to the dentist for a checkup or when we started complaining about a toothache. I’ve had to fix my dental issues in the past but thankfully it was an easy fix–a few cavities here or there

Where my parents and grandparents grew up, dental hygiene was also something they did not think about much, as their parents arranged everything for them too. Imagine your favorite foods and how delicious they are? Personally, one of my favorites is chicken tikka with rice and garlic naan bread. Now imagine enjoying the same thing but with no teeth? The only way to do it is with a blender! Still sound delicious?

Another favorite, a Classic Fast Food Burger 

Did you know that last year in America, 150 million people didn’t visit the dentist for a checkup? They either had issues with finding the care when they needed it or simply delayed it because they didn’t see it as a priority. It’s understandable, life keeps us busy and a week turns into a month and a month turns into a year. NASCAR driver, Danica Patrick, teamed up with Aspen Dental to show Americans what a A Taste of the Future could look like if dental hygiene isn’t taken more seriously. In the video below, Danica serves up Food Truck classics but in liquefied meals to unsuspecting customers as hidden cameras capture their reactions.

A Taste Of The Future with Danica Patrick

In my adulthood, I visit the dentist every six months even while traveling full-time. I do a cleaning and checkup because I travel in countries which inexpensive dental care. And of course, not wanting to eat blended food is always a great motivation as well.

If you have trouble finding the right dentist for your family, check out Aspen Dental as they have a large network of dental care providers across the country.

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