Do Movers Pack for You? Top Things They Won’t Touch

Moving can be a pain, right? You might wonder if those movers you’re hiring will pack everything up for you. Here’s the scoop — yes, many full-service movers will indeed handle the packing.

This blog is your guide to understanding what they’ll take care of and what they won’t even touch. Ready to get moving? Keep reading!

Key Takeaways

Full-service movers pack your belongings, load them onto the truck, and even unpack at your new place if you choose. They bring all necessary packing materials.

Some items movers will not pack include hazardous materialsperishable food, plants, pets, heavy items without prior arrangement, personal valuables like cash and jewelry, flammable itemsinfested furniture or boxes, chemicals, live ammunition and firearms.

Hiring professionals for packing can cost between $25-$50 per hour per person but saves you time and ensures safe transport of your belongings.

Before hiring a full-service moving company, check their license and insurance status. Get multiple estimates to compare prices.

Prepare for movers by sorting out what they cannot pack in advance, such as personal items with sentimental value or hazardous materials. Ensure pets are taken care of separately on moving day.

Understanding Full-Service Movers

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Full-service movers are like the superheroes of moving day—they do it all. They pack, they load, they drive… heck, they’ll even unpack your boxes in your new place if you want.

What exactly do full-service movers do?

Full-service movers are like the superheroes of moving day. Picture this: you’ve learned more about Maple Grove than you ever wanted to know, and you’re gearing up to move to there… but instead of breaking your backpacking box after box, these folks swoop in with everything needed.

They bring the boxes, tape, and even those fancy furniture blankets to keep your stuff safe. And it’s not just about piling your things into cardboard; they carefully pack each item, from the fragile dishes to the bulky furniture.

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After wrapping up your belongings quicker than you can say Maple Grove, they take on the heavy lifting – literally. These moving companies load all your items onto their trucks, making sure appliances and every last box find their perfect spot for safe transport.

Then off they go, heading to your new place where they unload and can even help set everything up again. So while unpacking might seem daunting, full-service movers could have you sipping a cold one by the beach as they do the legwork.

Do Movers Pack for You?

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Yes, movers can pack for you, taking a huge load off your shoulders—keep reading to discover how this service might change the game for your next big move.

Services offered by professional packers

Professional packers come armed with boxes, tape, and bubble wrap. They tackle the packing challenge head-on – wrapping dishes, boxing books, and securing your electronics. Their job? Making sure your belongings travel safely from A to B.

These pros disassemble furniture that’s too bulky to move in one piece, ensuring each screw finds its way back home upon reassembly.

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They load everything onto the truck methodically—like a game of Tetris they’re determined to win. Unloading at your new place is part of the deal too; they’ll carry boxes into rooms based on their labels or your directions.

If unpacking isn’t your cup of tea, they’ve got you covered there as well. Before waving goodbye, these packers take care of waste disposal – think empty boxes and used wrapping materials – leaving you with a clutter-free space to start afresh.

Things Movers Won’t Pack

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Believe it or not, there are some things movers just won’t touch. It’s like they have a “do not pack” list built right into their brains…

Items that professional movers usually avoid

So, you’ve decided to pack up and move. Guess what? There are some things movers just won’t touch. Let’s dive into this list and see what’s off the table for these professionals.

  • Hazardous materials – Like gasoline, fireworks, and paint thinner. They’re a no-go because, well, nobody wants an explosion on their hands.
  • Food – Especially the perishable kind. Leftover pizza or a steak from last night’s BBQ? Forget it. You’re better off tossing it out or giving it to a neighbor.
  • Plants – Those potted friends of yours need to stay behind or move with you in your car. Movers worry about pests and soil spills.
  • Pets – This one’s obvious… but just to be clear, your goldfish can’t ride in the moving truck.
  • Heavy items without prior arrangement – Think pianos or your massive steel sculpture collection. If you don’t give the heads-up, they might not be ready to handle them.
  • Personal items with sentimental or monetary value – Cash, jewelry, or those love letters from high school? Keep them close because movers won’t risk losing them.
  • Flammable items – From propane tanks for your gas grill to alcohol and certain cleaning supplies… if it can catch fire easily, it’s staying behind.
  • Items showing signs of infestation – Got bugs? Yikes! Deal with that first. Movers won’t touch items if pests are partying inside.
  • Chemicals – Stuff like pesticides and weed killers are out of the question. They pose too much risk during transport.
  • Live ammunition and firearms– Because safety first. Plus, there’s a whole lot of legalities involved here.
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So there you have it – movers do a lot, but they draw the line at these items for good reasons. Now you know what you’ll need to handle on your own before moving day rolls around.

The Cost of Packing Services

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Let’s talk cash—hiring pros to pack does add up. But, hey, think of it this way: you’re buying peace of mind and saving your back in the process.

How packing impacts the overall moving costs

Packing can make or break your moving budget, truth be told. Hire full-service movers, and you’re looking at $25-$50 an hour for each pair of hands making your stuff move-ready. Sounds steep? Well, think about the flip side—no running around for boxes or bubble wrap.

These pros bring all that gear to your doorstep. They even take care of the pesky task of wrapping up your dishes and disassembling furniture.

But hey, there’s more to it than just paying for convenience. Imagine saving time—that’s money too, right? A pro team speeds through packing way faster than you could on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Plus, they know how to pack so that your precious LED TV doesn’t turn into a jigsaw puzzle during transit. And let’s not forget—they haul everything away when they’re done, leaving you with one less headache (and no mountain of cardboard).

So yeah, hiring professional movers might look like a big bite outta your wallet at first glance… but boy does it smooth out the bumps in the moving road!

Choosing the Right Packing Service

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Picking the right packing service is like finding a needle in a haystack—but with our tips, you’ll grab that needle on the first try… Keep reading and see how easy moving can feel!

Tips for finding reputable full-service movers

Finding reputable full-service movers can feel like hunting for a needle in a haystack. You want someone who’ll handle your stuff like it’s their own—without costing an arm and a leg. Here’s how to snag the best team for your move:

  1. Start with word-of-mouth recommendations. Your buddies, coworkers, or even that neighbor with the meticulously kept lawn might have the scoop on which movers rock—and which ones to dodge.
  2. Dive deep into online reviews. But take them with a grain of salt. Look for patterns in feedback rather than isolated rants or rave reviews.
  3. Verify their credentials. Full-service moving companies should be licensed and insured—non-negotiables for anyone you’re letting pack your grandmother’s china.
  4. Get multiple estimates. Talk dollars and cents with at least three companies. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true—it probably is.
  5. Ask about their experience with your specific needs. Moving out for the first time? Heading to a new city? Make sure they’ve got experience that aligns with what you’re doing.
  6. Inquire about packing materials they use. Are they recycled? Top-notch? You don’t want your belongings wrapped in yesterday’s news unless it’s sturdy enough to protect them.
  7. Understand their policy on items they won’t move. Things like black powder, scuba tanks, or anything flammable need special handling—or might stay behind.
  8. Discuss how they deal with unforeseen issues. Trucks break down and weather happens—how will they keep your move on track?
  9. Clarify the deal with tipping and additional fees, including if there are extra charges for moving large items or accessing difficult locations.

And now that you know how to find them, let’s talk prep work: getting your space ready for when those full-service movers arrive at your doorstep.

Preparing for Movers

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Getting ready for movers means rolling up your sleeves. It’s time to sort, toss, or donate what you don’t need — think of it as a fresh start.

How to get ready when movers are packing

Getting ready for movers to pack your stuff can feel like prepping for a big game. You want everything to go smoothly, right? Here’s how you can make the dream team work in your favor.

First off, do a sweep of the house for personal items. Movers can handle a lot, but your cash and jewelry? Not their cup of tea. Stash these away safely.

Next up, gather all flammable materials. Yeah, I’m talking about those paint cans in the garage and the aerosol cans under the sink. Movers are great, but they’re not firefighters. Best keep anything that might go boom out of their boxes.

Don’t forget about your scuba gear and batteries! They seem harmless enough but think again. If it’s got a charge or helps you breathe underwater, it’s on you to move it.

Those household cleaners need a second look too. Sure, they keep your place sparkling, but on moving day? They’re persona non grata. Whip up a cleaning supplies box and take it yourself.

Got a green thumb? Your nursery needs to hitch a ride with you, too—movers won’t touch live plants or soil. Time to play gardener and ensure your green friends make the trip safely.

And oh! If you’ve got pets – from gerbils running in little wheels to fish gliding in bowls – plan their move separately. It might sound fun to hand over that responsibility, but living animals need your care during moves.

Lastly — food and drinks. Got leftovers or an open bottle of dish soap? Use them up or give them away before moving day rolls around. Thinking of taking liquor across state lines? Check those liquor laws first; don’t let moving turn into an unintended booze cruise!

So there you have it: clear as daylight ways to prep when movers are packing for you—keeping these pointers in mind makes moving day as smooth as silk.

Now onto what happens when movers start packing…

What to Do While Movers are Packing

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While movers pack up your life, keep busy but stay available for any questions. It’s like a dance – stepping in only when needed, but mostly staying out of the way.

Guidelines for the moving day

Moving day can feel like a big leap — whether you’re moving in together, heading to a new city, or just switching neighborhoods. It’s all about staying ahead of the game and keeping those stress levels low. Let’s dive into some no-fuss, straight-to-the-point guidelines for the big day.

  1. Keep important documents close – Tuck away your cash, jewelry, and financial records where you can easily find them. Movers won’t touch these personal items, so it’s up to you to safeguard them.
  2. Prep an essentials box – Think snacks, water bottles, chargers, and maybe even a few tools. You’ll be thanking yourself later when you’re dying for a drink or need to put something together quickly.
  3. Do a rundown with the movers – Quickly walk them through your place. Point out items that need extra care or that they shouldn’t pack because remember… no hazardous stuff like gasoline or fireworks.
  4. Secure parking space – If you’re living in the city center, make sure there’s space for the moving truck near your door. You don’t want them hiking your sofa three blocks because there’s nowhere to park.
  5. Protect your floors and walls – A bit of plastic wrap or old blankets can save you from scratching up hardwood floors or dinging walls.
  6. Pets? Send them on a holiday – Okay, not an actual holiday but maybe a day at a friend’s house or pet daycare. The last thing you need is Rover sprinting out the door amidst all the chaos.
  7. Stay out of the way but stay available – It’s tempting to watch over the movers’ shoulders but resist it. They know their job well. However, stick around in case they have questions.
  8. Keep cool drinks on hand – Moving heavy boxes is tough work! Offering cold beverages is a small gesture that goes a long way in keeping everyone happy and hydrated… especially if it’s hot outside.
  9. Take photos of complex setups – Got wires all tangled up behind your TV stand? Snap a pic before everything gets disconnected so setting back up will be easier.

Moving doesn’t have to be like defusing an explosive — with just a bit of planning and prep work; it can actually run pretty smooth… Well, as smooth as any major life change can be! So breathe easy and let these tips guide you through the hustle and bustle of moving day like you were born for this moment (or at least really well-prepared).

FAQs About Whether Movers Pack for You

Will movers pack everything in my house?

Well, almost! Movers can pack your belongings, sure as the sun will rise. But—here’s the kicker—not everything is fair game. Think hazardous stuff like anything that could go “boom!”—explosives, or things that catch fire faster than a dry Christmas tree, like flammable liquids.

Are there items movers just won’t touch?

You betcha! It’s not just about avoiding a potential fireworks show in the moving truck; it’s also about safety and legality. Items with flames or those prone to combustion are big no-nos. And if you’re thinking of sneaking in your refrigerated stash of goodies—think again!

What should I do with things movers won’t move?

Ah, now we’re talking solutions! For starters, you might want to consider gifting that extra food to a local food bank—it’s doing good and solving your problem at once! As for the rest? A bit trickier… You might need to transport them yourself or find specialized services for those odd ducks.

How does pricing work when movers do pack for me?

Let’s talk turkey—or dollars, rather! If you decide on having movers pack up your life into neat little boxes (excluding those pesky non-packables), they usually charge by an hourly rate. So more stuff equals more time equals more moolah out of pocket… Simple math!



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