Deep Immersion Into Your Fantasies with VR Webcam Girls

In recent years, people have begun to use various technologies to entertain themselves. This is particularly useful for those who like experiments and feel very lonely. Major popularity gained various VR technologies in the 18+ entertainment industry. VR chats help to bring communication with models to a new level, where the most intimate fantasies will become real. After all, with VR, you find yourself behind your screen, which means that the enjoyment of broadcasting the chosen model also becomes more voluminous and deeper.

You can not only watch models in VR and invite them to intimate private shows but also talk to them. Some users claim that they feel like they can touch the model. Enjoy closer contact in VR sex chats and find out what else VR cams can surprise you with. VR chatting often feels like losing your virginity again.

What is the History of Webcam?

In 1994, the Dutch porn company Red Light District launched one of the first porn streaming sites. In 1994, Tom Nyeri discussed with his friends the economic potential of the Internet and tried to understand what kind of product users need. The answer was simple – girls. According to Tom’s LinkedIn profile, he founded Virtual Dream in September 1994.

Thinking about how to send images of ladies from one place to another, Tom considered AT&T’s videotelephony technology as an option. Instead, he turned his attention to VidCall, video conferencing software from MRA Associates. Thanks to effective marketing and active advertising of Virtual Dream (Wired, The Howard Stern Show, CNN, Forbes, USA Today, Time Digital, and The Economist), the company received $28,000 in revenue.

As a rule, such cam sites were divided into three main categories: 

  • “amateur” sites were the first platforms for naked women/men/couples
  • “professional” sites whose models already had experience in the adult industry, or worked full-time in online porn
  • voyeur sites that broadcast pictures of men and women who don’t know they are being recorded and shown all over the internet

With the development of cameras and broadcasting technologies, a new genre finally appeared – VR camming. The adult VR market is expected to grow from $716M in 2021 to $19B in 2026, by that time it will account for 22% of the global adult digital content market, according to the think tank Juniper Research.

What Can You Get from VR Camming?

Men and women who don’t mind having fun watching live broadcasts of VR models get much more than just a nice pastime. In fact, they can enjoy beautiful bodies naked or half-naked, interact with these ladies and even give them instructions on what they should do to please you:

  • Play with their sex toys
  • Dance
  • Play with their partners
  • Undress
  • Touch themselves in a certain way
  • Cover themselves with oil
  • Roleplay with you, etc

In fact, people come to webcam sites with certain expectations and wishes, so they ask models to implement them in real life. Many geeks simply cannot share their thoughts with their partners, but they can do it anonymously in the VR chat. Deep immersion and the high quality of the image allow them to get maximum from this pastime. 

The study predicts that the global number of users viewing adult VR content will grow by 2,800% over the next five years, with the technology driven primarily by the growth of VR content consumption. The US will be the key market in the adult VR content industry, accounting for 33% of total adult VR content spending by 2026. Without a doubt, this is one of the most promising directions in the adult entertainment industry.




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