Death Metal Construction Workers Video

When I was a teenager, I loved all things metal. Judas Priest and Blind Guardian were my staples, and many days and nights were spent rocking out to their music. So while I’m no longer the dedicated fan I once was, seeing this death metal construction worker absolutely made my day.

I’m going to spare you the long introduction for a change and just let you sit back and enjoy this right away. After all, I think it’s pretty self-explanatory.

A Different Kind of Metal Construction…

The next time I need some home repair, I know just the man to call.

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You know, I just gave this a bit more thought and realized that this guy must have some killer health care. You know, given the whole “long swirling hair and power tools” thing he’s got going on here. I suspect there’s no official Death Metal Construction Workers Health Services.

But enough being practical. That was pretty much the best video you’ve ever seen, right? I find the animated image absolutely mesmerizing.

If you have your own favorite metal video, please share it in the comments below. Here’s another awesome video to get you started.




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