Death of the Dinner Party? How to Host the Ultimate Modern-Day Feast

We can probably remember a time back when we were younger. The babysitter would come around, and our parents would be heading off to a dinner party. They would be dressed all smart, a bottle of wine or two in hand. It seems that these days, this isn’t something that is as widespread. It could be due to the busy lives that we lead. People cook from scratch less and less. Part of it might be that they are embarrassed about the kind of fodder that they would present at a dinner party. People might be a bit too embarrassed about their home or not have the room to host a party.

How many of us actually have a table that will seat over ten people? Which is why I think the dinner party is a bit of a thing of the past. The thing for millennials is to have a modern-day feast. It is a much more relaxed affair, with no need to dress up for it. So here are the dos and don’ts when it comes to hosting a modern-style dinner party.


  • Choose a meal that is casual, and people will just serve themselves. Using a slow cooker for joints of meat to then present at the table is a winning situation for everybody. Having a vegetarian option is a good idea, too.
  • Have bowls of different salads and vegetable dishes. Again, have your guests serve themselves.
  • People will probably bring alcohol with them. It is just the done thing when attending someone else’s home, it would seem. But as the host, it is a good idea to stock up. Hit up the local liquor store and get as much as your wallet can handle.
  • Talk about whatever you want to talk about. They say don’t talk politics, sex or money at this kind of thing. But it makes the night more interesting, right?
  • Serve a good coffee and some chocolates for dessert. People will be feeling full, and it is much nicer to just have a few nibbles than a full, plated dessert.


  • There is no need to always be sitting at the dinner table. If you haven’t got the space or want it to be more casual, then sit elsewhere. Make the thing more buffet style if you would prefer.
  • Serve up a starter that is plated. Have a mixture of things for your guests. A mezze of olives, cheeses, bread, and nuts is a much more interesting appetizer to start with.
  • Serve up everyone’s food for them. Giving them meat and two vegetables on a plate is so boring and old style of a dinner party. Just give them a plate and let them choose.
  • Talk about boring topics. Yes, the kids are great if they have any. But there is no need to talk about them at every possible moment. Likewise, cars and homes are off limits too. Keep the vibe fun and uplifting. Staying in is the new going out, so make it seem that way!

The modern dinner party is all about keeping things casual and relaxed. Gone are the days of dressing up, sitting formally at the table, and being served plate after plate of food. Today’s hosts want to create a laidback vibe where guests can serve themselves family-style dishes, sit wherever they like, and enjoy free-flowing conversation on provocative topics. The key is making guests feel comfortable enough to loosen their ties, kick off their heels, and speak freely. With a few guidelines, you can throw a memorable modern dinner party with minimal stress. Focus on crowd-pleasing dishes you can make ahead, stock up on drinks, and let the night unfold organically. Your guests will leave full, tipsy, and satisfied with the experience. Who needs stiff formalities when the new dinner party is all about connecting with friends in a chill, homey setting?



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