Dealing With Life’s Inconveniences

When it comes to it, life has a lot of inconveniences for anyone trying to live it. These differ from problems however, so it’s important to remember that they’re not one in the same. An inconvenience is usually something you can get over or find a way around quickly, whilst a problem takes a bit more of your time and effort.

Even if you feel like the problems you’re facing in the here and now don’t mean anything in the long run, you’re allowed to complain about them. Here’s tips for handling them.

When Your Car Breaks Down

This is one of the main inconveniences you’ll probably have to deal with, and seeing as a lot of technology is unreliable, it’s not surprising it’s on the list! So what should you do when a car breaks down, or otherwise breaks entirely, and you can’t fix it?

First of all, make sure both you and other road users are safe by popping your hazard symbol on, and so your best to make sure the car is off the main road. Then, you’ll need to contact a breakdown company to get someone out to look at your vehicle. The mechanics they send out can usually get a car up and running again quickly, so make that call the first stop you make. It’s always worth having a second opinion on the state of your vehicle; it’s not always a write off!

As a preparatory step, make sure you have breakdown cover before taking your car out on the road. Without this, it can feel a bit like you’re stuck in your situation, but there’s still plenty of people to contact. You can get your car towed fast by contacting another company or local garage, and still get the time of a mechanic to get you back on your wheels.

When Your Phone Stops Working

The unreliability of technology was mentioned above right? If you have an android you can usually take it back to the store or provider and talk through the issue; you might just get another free model out of it. However, it isn’t always that simple.

There’s a lot of tricks you can pull here, such as the forced reboot by holding down the home and power buttons, or you could even replace the battery. Either way, you know your phone and how that particular model works best, so you’ve probably got knowledge of its habits tucked away up your sleeve.

You can also keep yourself from taking your model into the store and being pushed into buying an upgrade; there’s usually something you can do yourself to fix the problem you’re experiencing. Check out YouTube videos and online advice boards, as common people have more and more solutions than the bigger companies ever will.

Dealing with a Cold Caller

The dreaded cold caller; the person who is typically trying to get by with a job, but can be extremely invasive and turn into a problem very quickly if not dealt with. We’re likely to get these knocks on our door no matter where we’re from, and sometimes even the stickers to go in your windows forbidding cold callers from setting foot on your front step don’t quite work! Mainly we avoid them by keeping the door closed and staying out of sight of the windows, as opening the door to speak means opening up options for the pushy salesman on the other side.

However, if you’re aware of the behaviors they tend to pull, you can deal with a cold caller a lot more effectively. If they’re on the phone, you can have some fun with their intrusive calling to finally put a stop to it, such as pretending to be someone else or saying funny things that don’t fit into their script. It can get extremely confusing for telemarketers, and this time they’ll be the ones to put the phone down, and are far less likely to call back.

Either that or just try and block their calls or unplug a phone when it’s prime ringing time. You’ll know when someone really needs to get hold of you as the caller ID will show up, or they’ll text you, something a cold caller has no option of.

So there you have it! Some tips for dealing with a few of the most common inconveniences we experience, usually in daily life. Get on with your schedule in a little more peace when you know your way around them.



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  1. Dealing with car breakdown and intrusive calls is just a normal phase in our life. How to handle them is what makes us vulnerable hence we have to handle them with ease and with a clear head.


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