Daniela Michelle Discusses How Mindset Determines Success

Inspiration, good ideas, and a great product are all important for a successful business. But cultivating a strong, positive mindset will see you through all the challenges of entrepreneurship. Daniela Michelle knows that starting a business means you are creating something new and your strength will also see it through. 

When Daniela started her design firm, Elevation Interiors, she was fearful. Starting a company was something she had never done before and she was doing it right after COVID began spreading in the US. But she questioned her fear and decided that she would be more disappointed in herself if she looked back at that moment and did nothing. “You can’t get to the finished, polished product without going through the messy demo. Problems will arise, and your job is to learn how to deal with them – it never gets easier, you just get better,” says Daniela Michelle.

As Daniela learned to navigate the new normal during the world of COVID, she relied heavily on trusting her sense of design to get the job done. Daniela also utilized her sphere of influence and social media to get the word out, as she showcased her skills. Inspired by her natural love for real estate, architectural beauty, and vast travels with her fiance, Don, she is bringing value to the marketplace. Elevation Interiors is expanding rapidly through the Dallas metroplex, offering home staging, interior design, and renovations.

When Daniela and Don first started dating, they lived a fun, fast-paced life full of travel and networking. They shared their journey on YouTube and gained the attention of the Lifetime TV network for the show Marrying Millions. The reality show followed their journey and shared their evolving relationship’s most beautiful and difficult moments. “Overall, I am grateful for the experience. It has opened up so many doors and experiences for us and allowed us to meet so many people who love having insight into our lives and our relationship – something that only continues to grow and get better,” says Daniela Michelle.

As Daniela grows her business, she is also growing her family. She and Don have welcomed their son and are embarking on an exciting new chapter in their lives. Daniela continues to share her journey on Instagram @thedanielamichelle.



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