Craving A Man Cave But Lack Space? Convert Your Basement!

Most men would love to have a man cave; a space that they can call their own and turn into a mini bachelor pad. Think gaming, music, beers, and a huge TV, and you will get the idea of what a man cave should be like. If you have always dreamed of having your own man cave but are unable to do so in your current home because of a lack of space, then you may be starting to wonder about converting unused areas of space in your home, such as your basement, to transform into a man cave.

The question is, of course: how should you go about doing that? As well as whether a conversion of this type would be worth the cost in terms of the value that it could potentially add to your home. If you are considering converting your basement into a man cave, below are some key factors to consider before doing so.

How much additional space could this give you?

Initially, it is important to focus on how much additional space converting your basement could offer you. If the conversion will only offer a small amount of extra space, only large enough for a tiny man cave, consider whether it is something that is worthwhile doing. After all, the idea of converting this area is to add extra livable space to your home, so it has to offer the right amount of space to be a worthwhile project to undertake.

Will it be cost-effective?

The next question to consider is whether it will be cost-effective. The fact is that you don’t want to spend a large sum of money on converting your basement into a livable space that you can use as a man cave if it is not a cost-effective choice to make. It’s not just about the process being affordable now; it is also about it adding sufficient value to your home and making it a worthwhile cost to cover. There’s no point converting any area of your home if it will not add value to your property, as otherwise, you are simply wasting money.

What work will be needed?

It is important to consider what work will be needed to be completed and what the cost of that will be. If your home is prone to flooding in the basement – this is something that many basements are prone to – then it may be worth looking at helpful resources from Restorationeze and considering getting any flood damage from previous floods prepared, before having your basement professionally waterproofed. After all, if you are going to transform this unused area into a livable space, you don’t want to risk it flooding, do you?

Is permission required?

The next thing to consider is whether permission will be required. This will depend on whether excavation is required; if excavation is required, then planning permission will be needed. However, if the work is all internal, then planning permission should not be required. That being said, it still pays to double check this with your local planning authority, just in case permission is required.

There you have it, everything that you need to know about converting your basement so that you can create the ultimate man cave.



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