Cool Optical Illusions

Optical Illusion tape that looks like it has hinges

I’ve done my time in the shipping department in a warehouse and know a thing or two about corrugated boxes and tapes. The job of a shipper/receiver is extremely boring and the X-Tape is just the thing to cheer them up and get their attention. The tape, made to look like it has an actual hinge, was designed by Jeongmin Lee and Hyoungmin Park.

Cool packing tape that has fake hinges

Here is another image that is hidden within the photo. It’s right under your eyes.

Illusion of lady hidden on a horse's nose

Are these people only wearing a layer of paint?

Ripped hole in the back of the pants

Below is the logo for the Pittsburgh Zoo. Look closer and you just may spot a few different animals.

Hidden animals in the Pittsburgh Zoo logo

A tangled mess of metal or entangled in love?

Metal rats mating in the shadows

Mating season for rats

Artistic metal rats making love

Womans hair looks like a horses tail

Zebra that looks like it has 2 heads

Woman that looks like she has a lama head

Perfectly balanced or an optical illusion?

Hammer and ruler hanging off a table optical illusion

You notice the president of the United States? Yes we can!

Body painted with President Obama's face

There is a hidden face of a man within this pile of coffee beans below. Can you spot it?

Hidden face of a man in pile of coffee beans

If you’re up for a challenge and need more optical illusions, check out Moillusions.



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