The Convenient VacPans Central Vacuum

Cleaning can be a hassle and so sometimes you just neglect it and things get worse and worse until you’re sitting in a house that’s up in an inch in dust with crumbs on the floor. Perhaps you don’t let it get that bad, but no one enjoys cleaning and everyone puts it off at one point or another. The kitchen is the worst place for dirt because of all the crumbs and bits of stuff that gets on the floor through cooking or eating. But what if instead of dragging out your huge vacuum or squatting for 15 minutes using a pan and brush, you could simply sweet it under the cabinets and be done with it?

It sounds too good to be true, but it isn’t. There are multiple brands of VacPans, but you can easily buy them on Amazon for under $30. Then you can install them yourself or hire someone to install them for you, by using these helpful tips.

So what is the VacPan? It’s exactly what it sounds like, which is a vacuum that acts as a broom pan. These devices can be installed under any cabinet in your kitchen—or anywhere for that matter in the house, it’s just the kitchen is most useful. What’s so amazing about VacPans is that all you have to do is sweep your crumbs and junk under your cabinet and it sucks it straight up, gone, and you never even need to bend over. It’s sort of like what you used to do as a kid to pretend you didn’t make a mess, only this time it’s actually an effective way to clean up.

The VacPans then have a bag built into the cabinet so you can easily empty it every couple of days or weeks (depending how much you sweep into it) and then replace it with a new one and carry on as usual. Cleaning has literally never been so effortless and easy.

There are many brands and sizes and colors of VacPans out there, so you’ll need to do some research to decide which works best for your circumstance, but no doubt you’ll find one perfect for you, as they’re increasingly becoming more popular and accessible.

No need to even limit it to the kitchen, install one in every room if you like under something where it can stay hidden. It’s not only for crumbs, but can pick up anything like dog hair, lint, or just about anything you can find on your floors.

Save yourself, and your back, the trouble of constantly leaning over and sweeping and purchase yourself VacPans. At $30 each, it’s hard to justify not buying them just because of how much easier they make your life. It’s shocking that something like this hasn’t been invented until now, but now that it has, it’s time to fully embrace the new invention.



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