How To Clean Without Spending Time Cleaning

Summer is a time for your life to be airy, bright and spotless, not cluttered and crammed like it was during the whole of winter. That also means it’s time to open the windows, dust stuff off and try to clean up your life a little. But let’s be honest, no one actually likes to clean. It’s a hassle, annoying and something that people all wish they could go without. Unfortunately, that’s not the case, but there are a few ways to little by little clean your whole home without ever really realizing the amount of time you’ve put in to doing it.

Five-Minute Scramble

The most effective way to clean is to set yourself a five minute timer (that’s nothing) and just do as much as you possibly can during that five minutes. Whether it’s picking up stuff off the floor, putting some random things back where they actually belong or just wiping down a table, it’s only five minutes and it’ll go super quickly, but you’ll also be surprised by how much you can accomplish in that short period of time.

Shelf Clean

Whenever you’re waiting for something, like the kettle to boil or the water to heat up, just take a second to clear off a whole shelf, wipe it down, and then put everything back. What else would you be doing in this time? Not much, so use it to do something productive, and over the course of a week you’ll probably have wiped and cleaned down every shelf where you live.

Quick Vacuum

Vacuuming is one of those things that no one likes doing, but once you do it, you realize what a huge difference it makes to your space. While the coffee is brewing or you just have a free minute, do yourself the favor of just doing a quick run around with the vacuum, you’ll barely even notice any time wasted. You can even find robot vacuums to make the job even easier. Check out this post from FindReviews for cool options.

The After Teeth Wipe Down

After you’re doing getting ready for the night, just take two minutes to wipe down all the taps and sinks and counters and you’ll notice a huge difference to the bathroom once things are actually shiny and look like new again. This will take a matter of minutes and you’re already in the bathroom anyway, so why not?

Cleaning doesn’t have to be a huge arduous task that you must undertake once a week and spent a whole day working on. Doing just a tiny bit a little at a time over the days will get the same amount done, but you won’t even have realized you’ve spent any time cleaning because you were killing time waiting for something else. With these tips you’ll have more free time and a house ready for summer.



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