Chrome Galore – Japanese Dekotora Art Trucks

I always thought Rap Artists were chromed out and had way too much bling but as it turns out, I have been wrong all these years. Our good friends in the far east (Japan) have been pimping out their trucks since the 70’s when a series of ten movies called Truck Guys came out. The films featured a costumed trucker who drove all over Japan in his decorated truck. The movie became very popular and the art of Dekotora Trucks began soon after. Dekotora Trucks is an abbreviation for “Decoration Truck”. The modern versions of the Dekotora Trucks have a lot of influence from Gundam as can be seen in the pictures below.

Art Truck of Japan

Decoration Trucks in Japan

Dekotora Gundam Truck Japan

Gundam Transport Truck

Bright Japanese Dekotora Truck with LED Lights

Decorated Japanese Trucks with chrome and led lights

Chrome Gundam Truck Anime

Colorful Pictures of Dekotora Trucks in Japan

Brightly lit Japanese Trucks with crazy decorations

Japanese Dekotora Truck that looks like a train

Japanese trucks that look like gundam machines

Watch a couple of videos below as well. Very Cool!

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