Choosing a Perfect Promise Ring for Her – 8 Tips to Follow

From time immemorial, promise rings have been one of the ways by which lovers show their love and faithfulness to the relationship. And now, promise rings are becoming more popular as more people are now embracing the idea. 

So, you are not out of order if you’re contemplating taking a big step further in your relationship and presenting a promise ring to the love of your life. 

Anyways, if it’s worth doing at all, it’s worth doing well; you must be able to prove to her how precious she is to you even in the details of the promise ring you’re giving her. 

Not to worry, you’ll find helpful tips in the following to guide you in choosing the best promise ring for your lover. Sit back, grab a bowl of popcorn or a cup of your favorite drink, and enjoy! 

8 Tips to Follow When Choosing a Promise Ring for Her

1. Decide how much of a commitment you are willing to give to the relationship

Before delving into the depths of choosing a promise ring for your lover, you need to decide how long you want to go with her. 

Ask yourself the following questions; am I in the relationship for a long or short term? Am I promising her that I see a future with her in it? 

If your answers are positive, then you can proceed and read the tips that can help you choose a promise ring for your woman. 

Also, you may want to discuss future commitments and goals of the relationship with your partner to be sure that y’all are on the same page. This is to avoid disappointment and embarrassment should she not feel the same. 

Once you’ve settled these, you can get your woman the promise ring that fits her perfectly.

2. Choose which finger the ring will be worn on 

After affirming that your relationship is long-term, you need to choose which finger you’ll want your woman to wear the ring on. You can also ask her if it is not meant to be a surprise. 

Unlike a wedding ring, no principle dictates which finger a promise ring should be worn on. 

Once you have decided on the finger that she will be wearing the ring on, proceed to get the ring finger size. 

Get the ring size

If you would love to see the ring on your woman’s hand always, then, you must, first of all, choose a ring that would fit her finger perfectly. 

You must ensure that the ring is not too loose to avoid easily misplacing it and not too tight so that she won’t be uncomfortable. Getting the balance is key! 

You can either get one of her previous rings to the jeweler or ask her for her finger size (if it’s not a surprise).

To measure the accurate ring size, place a measuring tape around the finger in a circular manner and move it around the knuckles to make sure that the ring fits comfortably. 

Note the measurement and compare it to the jeweler’s measurement guide to find the measurement. 

3. Consider the ring material that will be perfect for her

This requires you to really know your partner’s personality and activity. Which ring material do you think fits her kind of person? Which material is perfect for her daily activities? Which color of the material will suit her skin color and tone? Which ring materials can or cannot trigger allergic reactions? These are questions that you need to answer before going forward. 

Asking these questions will guide your decision about the perfect ring material and also help to streamline your search. Talking about rings, there are several of them, like those on

An example is rings made from titanium. These rings have more rigidity and are less not likely to rust. So, if you are looking for something that still stands even after it has been exposed to water several times, you can try this. 

4. Choose the ring design 

After you have decided on the type of material, the next point of call is to decide on the design of the ring. Just like the ring materials, there are various designs that you can choose from. There are several ring designs that are suitable for minimalists and those who love to make noise with their style. 

At this point, you need to consider the personality of your woman and be critical about it, to choose the ring design that suits her taste and fashion sense. 

It is quite easy to make a decision based on what you like when it comes to choosing a ring design for your lover; however, be conscious of the fact that she will be wearing the ring, so it should be something she will be comfortable wearing. 

If your partner is a minimalist, you should not get her an extravagant ring that she will not be comfortable wearing. 

5. Have a budget 

It is nice to always have a budget when you are planning to get some things. This will help you spend within the limit of what you can afford to spend. 

Like the popular saying, “Cut your coat according to your size,” having a budget will limit your spending and can even help you to streamline your search. 

With a budget of $100, for example, you will limit your search for ring designs to those that do not cost more than $100. You definitely will not be looking to buy rings that cost $1,000.  

Before you make a budget, you can start by browsing through some online stores and noting and comparing the prices of promise rings. 

You can also go window shopping in some particular jewelry stores around your location. By the time you are done, you’ll have a range of prices in mind and if you need to save for it, you’ll have a definite target. 

6. Buy from a reputable store

As you search different stores to create your budget, check the reviews available on their sites to determine which store has a good reputation. With the increase in internet scams, it is best to carry out a background check before entrusting your money to anyone. 

There’s no exclusion to doing background checks even if you’re buying from a physical store. Aside from having quality products, ensure the store offers good customer service. 

7. Seek help

If the promise ring is supposed to be a surprise and you are finding it a bit difficult to decide what the perfect promise ring is, you can seek help from those who are close to her. It may be a close friend or sibling. 

Let them help you out in the process of choosing the ring material and design, and you might be surprised how much they know her more than you do.

8. Be creative in the way you give the promise ring

Now that you have been able to choose that perfect promise ring for your partner remember to be creative when you are giving her the ring. You do not need to get all worked up. 

You can present a thoughtful gift along with the ring. Do not be rigid, be creative and ensure to have fun while at it!


With these tips, you can now confidently go through the process of getting your woman a promise ring to signify your commitment to the relationship.

Remember to choose the ring according to her preferences, as she will be the one wearing it around; also, do not go over your budget.



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