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We’ve written about a number of different electric scooters over the years, and each one is unique in their own way. These electric modes of local transportation are getting popular, and here we have the Chic-Robot Smart S1 scooter from China. The manufacturer – Chic-Robot – has years of experience in producing clones of Segway personal transportation devices, and it looks like they’ve finally used their expertise to come up with something a little different.

The electric Chic-Robot Smart S1 uses gyroscopes to control and balance the scooter and has a maximum speed of 6mph (9.6km/h). A single charge will take you as far as 12 miles (19.2 km) while the entire device weighs in at only 22 pounds. It’s not exactly light, but hardly heavy either.

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The Smart S1 can take on inclined pathways with a 15 degree ascend or descend and is capable of turning on a dime with zero turning radius. This is pretty useful when you’re trying to navigate a busy crowd.

Along with the gyroscopes, the Smart S1 scooter also has a micro-controller which actuates the movement in any direction with foot gestures. This mobility scooter is also able to carry a person weighing up to 100 kg (220lbs) and powered by a rechargeable 36V lithium-ion battery. Probably not enough to support the weight of your average American, but perfect for everyone else.

This scooter also happens to be China’s first scooter which does not require hand controls or a handle bar for directional input. This is a pretty impressive achievement on its own.

The Chic-Robot Smart S1 scooter is available in three colors: white, red, and black, but no word yet on the pricing. You’ll have to contact the company at the Chic-Robot website if you want further details. Based on the specs, there are better options on the market but the design is unique and the lack of performance might mean that price is also reduced.



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