Caring for a Parent with Alzheimer’s Disease

Receiving word that your mom or dad has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s could be the news you’ve been dreading. Perhaps your parent has been forgetful lately or easily confused during conversations. While you’ve had your suspicions about their health, it doesn’t make hearing the official diagnosis any easier to hear. You now know that your loved one has a disease that will progress with time. Life will be different from now on.

Daily routines will change, but that doesn’t mean things have to be darker. There will be challenging moments, but your parent will receive the assistance they need to feel happy and healthy with the right healthcare plan. Are you bringing your mom or dad into your home? These days most seniors prefer to age within the comfort of home. If you’re capable and have the space, taking in a parent is an excellent idea. Check out these two essential tips for caring for a parent living with Alzheimer’s disease.

1. Safeguard Your Home

Alzheimer’s disease will affect your loved one’s cognitive behaviour. When a person transitions from mild stage Alzheimer’s to the moderate stage of the disease, you’ll need to make a few changes around the house to reduce fall and accident risk. Walk around your home to assess the situation. Look for anything that might trigger an accident, such as:

  • Easy access to sharp objects, such as knives in the kitchen.
  • A slippery staircase. Is your staircase carpeted? If not, do you have a grip rug on the stairs?
  • Have you installed grab bars in the bathroom, in the shower and next to the toilet?

Consider telling your neighbours about your parent’s arrival. Your mom or dad might wander into the street and get lost. The more people familiar with your parent’s face, the better because people can identify them and bring them home safely.

2. Get Support

The fact that you’re opening up your home to your loved one shows that you care deeply for this person. Not everyone would have the patience to embrace such a challenge. However, you’re going to need support from professional healthcare workers to help you through this time. Find a reputable agency that offers Alzheimer’s in home care to folks in your area. The right senior home healthcare agency will provide you with a team of experienced and trained caregivers and Personal Support Workers (PSWs). You can’t always be there to help your loved one and you’re entitled to breaks once in a while.

When you’re taking some time to yourself, a compassionate caregiver will provide essential services around the house, such as:

  • Meal Preparation
  • Companionship
  • Prescription Management
  • Toileting and Bathing
  • And more

Your mom or dad will start to look forward to visits with their caregivers. Their time together will become increasingly valuable as time passes, and they’ll develop a unique and long-lasting bond. Find an agency specializing in dementia care, so you’ll know that they know how to manage Alzheimer’s disease-related situations.

While caring for a parent with Alzheimer’s disease isn’t going to be easy, it doesn’t have to be impossible. Safeguard your home and get as much help as possible to ensure that you and your parent receive on-going, compassionate support.



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