Buying Your First Virtual Reality Headset

Something that’s been gaining traction most recently are virtual reality headsets. With sales skyrocketing during the Christmas season, it’s time to look at whether they’re worth the money, which ones are the best and what you might actually use them for.

There are dozens of virtual reality headsets out there, but we’ll only focus on a few. Some are incredibly expensive and others much more reasonable.

Oculus Rift
This headset isn’t cheap at $600, but it’s one of the best out there so you are paying for good quality. What makes this headset stand out from others is the special display technology it uses that actually helps you feel like you’re really there. This full immersion experience can make the difference between actually experiencing something virtually versus just a bit of fun and a laugh.

Unlike other virtual reality headsets, this one comes with a pair of Touch Controlors that you hold in your hands and use to move around in your virtual reality. They use natural gestures that are as real as your actual hands.

With the Oculus Rift you can also connect with others in the community so you can join your friends in this virtual reality doing stuff you’d never normally do, which can be quite fun.

Samsung Galaxy VR Headset Powered by Oculus
It depends where you buy this headset, but you can get it for around $120, far more reasonably priced than the Oculus Rift, but at a similar kind of quality. Since this Samsung VR headset is also powered by Oculus you get the same connection with the community as you do with the Rift.

Built for comfort and complete focus, these headsets are just as good as the top of the line, leading you to think that maybe there’s not a huge amount of point in spending that extra few hundred dollars on the high-end version. It comes with a home button, back button and a touchpad so you can control everything right from the side of your headset.

It’s important to note though that although you could use this headset without it, it’s only compatible with Samsung Galaxy phones. Otherwise you’ll need to get a Micro USB.

So how do these headsets work? You download an app and then connect your phone to the headset and then you can experience skiing, swimming, running, going on a safari, a roller coaster and more.

So are these virtual reality headsets worth the money? If you’re into something like that then yes, they are. But is it worth paying the extra hundreds for the top of the line? No, not really. Although there are some small differences that improve it, they’re not significant enough to warrant such a price discrepancy. Overall, these headsets are fun and even if you wanted to buy a lower-end one you’d probably enjoy it all the same.

Whatever you’re using it for, you’re bound to have hours of fun with it. It’s not every day you get to discover a tiger in the jungle in your living room.



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