Build a Desktop PC Instead of Buying One for the Holidays

The right new desktop computer will help you consume entertainment, play the latest games, and work with ease. Unlike a laptop, a desktop offers more power at the same price, is customizable, and is less susceptible to thievery, overheating, or unfortunate accidents.

If you plan to buy yourself or your loved one a desktop PC this holiday season, consider building one yourself instead of buying a prebuilt brand name computer. Here are some excellent reasons why you should assemble a PC yourself:

#1 Security and Privacy

Unfortunately, many store-bought computers carry useless free software called bloatware that expires quickly and is nearly impossible to uninstall completely. This software invades your security and privacy with malware such as adware and spyware. Bloatware also slows down your computer and hits your screen with a barrage of annoying pop-up ads.

Whether you buy or build a desktop, it’s critical to use advanced antivirus software that protects you from malware. Likewise, subscribe to a VPN service in order to secure your Internet connection from cybercriminals. Visit a cybersecurity expert’s platform to answer questions like — what does VPN stand for and why should I avoid free VPN services?

#2 Price and Performance

When you buy a prebuilt computer, you’re usually stuck with the default components. You usually can’t increase the RAM or choose a more sophisticated hard drive without voiding the warranty or paying a premium price. However, when you build a computer, you can select the components that suit your needs and construct a much more powerful machine at a lower price.

  • Case: Pick a well-reviewed case that offers ventilation, houses all your components, and suits your lifestyle in terms of size and looks.
  • Power Supply: Buy a power supply that’s sufficient for your key components, such as your video card. Pick a modern power supply that features an easy-to-use cable system.
  • Motherboard: Your motherboard is the most crucial part of your computer — choose a reputable one that can host all your components and offers all the bells and whistles you need.
  • CPU: Your CPU does all the heavy lifting. A fast CPU that features multiple cores will help you complete most tasks efficiently.
  • RAM: Insufficient memory can easily bottleneck your computer. 16GB of RAM is more than adequate for most tasks.
  • Video Card: Modern motherboards have built-in video technology capable of running basic video games and videos. However, a capable graphics card will help you watch films at higher resolutions and play the latest titles.
  • Hard Drive: Most prebuilt computers only have basic hard drives. Pick a solid-state drive for the fastest speed or an encrypted hard drive for maximum security.

#3 Sense of Accomplishment

Although it may appear intimidating, it’s much easier to build a computer now than many years ago — cables are color-coded, components snap into the right slots like advanced LEGO sets, and the modern BIOS is intuitive and user-friendly. Moreover, you can find many useful online tutorials to help you construct your machine.

Once you build a PC, you will get a real sense of pride as your computer boots up for the first time. In addition, you’ll have a more capable and secure system at a lower cost.




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