Breaking Down the Barriers of Trading with Fred Trading

The interest in day trading is higher today than ever.  The digital revolution made it possible for  everyone who has access to a computer or a smartphone can also access a trading account and start. But many people who are drawn in by its accessibility soon discover that trading isn’t easy. Traders must understand the markets and its different trends and patterns. They also must be capable of doing a complex analysis of the markets and be able to consistently manage them.

Trading might be more accessible than ever, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have any  barriers. Apart from the obvious one — people need money to start trading — the biggest obstacle to being a successful trader is the lack of knowledge and experience.

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Fred Frost is a day trader who’s been active in the industry for years, and who now runs his own trading group. He learned about the knowledge barrier the hard way when he was just starting out, which prompted him to launch Fred Trading and help others get up to speed.

Six years ago, somebody targeted me with some Facebook ads, and I joined his group where I could read his signals, but it was shady. You didn’t get any guidance,” Fred explains. “You just got into a group, and he sent some signals, so you figured out how to do this yourself. So, I wanted to create something a lot better than this. And that’s what I’ve done now.

The lack of guidance meant that Fred was bound to make some rookie mistakes — but that’s how he learned.  He ended up losing all his money and burning through multiple accounts before getting on a surer footing. His learning curve inspired him to teach others what he had learned and, ideally, prevent them from making the same mistakes.

Fred’s Training provides learning and course materials to novice traders. They have the option of taking a regular or a speed course. One of the biggest draws to being a part of a group like Fred’s is the opportunity to be part of a vibrant community and have access to experienced traders and their trades.

We have a big chat with different topics where you can talk to other traders, learn from them, and ask them any questions. And then we have three different channels as well. We have a main channel where I trade. We have a gold channel and an extra channel where I’ve found some very skilled traders who send trades in these trading groups,” Fred explains. “I also send my analysis, my take on the market, and videos explaining why and how I take the trades. So essentially, people get the whole package for free with me.

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While Fred Frost underlines that he’s offering all of that for free — something a sponsorship from a big platform allows him to do — it’s still necessary for newcomers to invest a lot of time into practicing. People can copy and paste the trades provided by the experienced traders in the group. But those who want to engage and learn must invest time into it.

The good news is that the potential rewards are worth it. “In our trading community, we have one chat topic called profits. There’s probably 1000 people sharing their profits weekly,” Fred explains. “We have so many students who quit their jobs who now live off trading. Some people make $50,000 a week, some $20,000 daily.”

If one of the biggest barriers to being a successful day trader is a lack of knowledge, then carefully choosing trading groups might be the way to break those barriers. With plans to expand its membership to 20,000 by 2024, Fred Trading offers not only the training and the signals but also a large community of traders who share their experiences. It’s a mix of expertise and crowd-sourced wisdom, and it just might be what people need to get their trading careers started.



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