Best Places to See the Opera in Italy

For many people, opera is the quintessential art form that manages to unite exquisite visual scenery, emotional narration, and phenomenal music into a single, breathtaking spectacle. Its soaring arias and dramatic performances capture the imagination and tug on heartstrings. Being home to many world-renowned composers, Italy is closely associated with opera and is the ideal place to immerse oneself in the grandeur of this art form. This article looks at some of the best places to visit in Italy to experience an unforgettable opera.

1. Verona: The City of Love and Music

Enveloped in a mystical blend of doomed romance and music, Verona is a must-visit city if you are an opera lover. Each summer, the city hosts the Verona Opera Festival in its spectacular Roman amphitheater, the Arena di Verona. With seating for 20,000 people, you can book a ticket for a thrilling Opera concert in Verona and soak in the magical atmosphere. Iconic performances like Carmen or Aida are brought to life against the backdrop of star-lit skies. 

The city offers amazing accommodation options as well, from luxury hotels to charming bed and breakfasts. Each is perfect for relaxing after an evening of emotional arias and compelling narratives.

2. Milan: La Scala Theatre 

When speaking of opera in Italy, La Scala in Milan invariably steals the spotlight. One of the world’s most celebrated opera houses, La Scala, traces its lineage back to 1778. The lavish red and gold auditorium has been witness to premieres from legendary composers such as Bellini, Puccini, and Verdi.

Here, you’ll not only be able to witness incredible performances but also have an opportunity to visit the attached La Scala Museum. The museum holds precious artifacts and provides insights into the history of the opera house and the art form itself.

3. Venice: Birthplace of Italian Opera

In Venice, opera is deeply ingrained in the city’s cultural DNA. Teatro La Fenice serves as an enduring symbol of Italian opera in Venice. Reopened after a devastating fire in 2003, this ‘Phoenix’ theater lives up to its name, still hosting some of the world’s most iconic operas.

With richly decorated auditoriums and a tradition of excellent acoustics, a visit to La Fenice combines historical elegance with an unforgettable musical experience. Furthermore, the city’s winding canals and intricate architecture make Venice a post-opera wanderer’s dream.

4. Naples: San Carlo Theatre 

Located in the sunny southern shores of Italy, Naples boasts the oldest opera house in the world still active today: the Teatro di San Carlo. Opened in 1737, this architectural gem has survived wars, fires, and reconstructions, maintaining elegance through the centuries.

As you take in a performance in the magnificent, fresco-laden auditorium, you will be listening to arias and duets in a place where opera has echoed through generations. Naples also guarantees a delightful journey for the palate, making it a melody for all the senses.

5. Parma: Teatro Regio

Parma pays homage to one of its greatest sons, composer Giuseppe Verdi, through the Teatro Regio. Every October, a festival commemorating Verdi’s works draws opera aficionados worldwide for performances that promise to leave a profound impression.

The Teatro Regio’s intimate setting and acoustics, coupled with the passionate renditions of Verdi’s operas, make for an unforgettable experience in the heart of Italy’s music-rich Emilia-Romagna region.


From Verona’s enchanting performances under the stars and Milan’s world-renowned La Scala theatre to the ancient grandeur of Naples’ San Carlo, Italian opera is very much alive and conquering hearts with its dramatic narratives and powerful music. Whether you’re an opera fanatic or a casual visitor looking to soak up Italy’s rich culture and traditions, these cities offer you the chance to witness opera as a true spectacle and art form. Prepare to be thoroughly enchanted and captivated by the harmonious symphony of Italian opera.




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